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30 August 2010

The Royal County of Berkshire Show is the new venue for the NFYFC tug of war and All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety Championships for the very first time this year on 18-19 September.

Visitors will get to see YFC members from across the country take part in these two exciting championships, and participants have qualified at county and regional level to take their places in the finals at Berkshire.

In the Young Farmers’ Ring on Saturday the NFYFC is hosting the ATV Safety Championship. Twelve teams take their turns competing for the title in this competition which demonstrates the safe use and handling of ATVs and trailers, as well as basic first aid techniques. Teams will have to drive a quad bike around a set course, negotiating obstacles and tricky terrain, before completing a first aid challenge. Points are scored on each of the five tasks set and the winning team will be awarded the Massey Ferguson Perpetual Challenge Trophy.

The ATV Safety Championship supports the Health & Safety Executive’s Make the Promise campaign, which aims to highlight the unnecessary deaths and injuries that happen on farms every day. By learning the skills needed to take part in these championships, YFC members are learning the correct way to ‘stay safe.’

On Sunday, pulling power is the only thing that matters in the men's and women's tug of war championships! Both the competitions have 12 teams entered, with each team consisting of eight pulling members, of which two must be aged between 15 and 18 years old and the other six aged from 18-26. The eight members of the team must also reach a combined weight of no more than 680kgs for men and 580kgs for women.

Each heat is won by the successor of two pulls out of three until the final two teams face each other for the championship.

NFYFC operations manager James Eckley said: “We are delighted to be showcasing two of our competition finals at the Royal County of Berkshire Show. As well as being very enjoyable activities to watch and take part in, they provide an excellent educational resource for YFC members everywhere. We hope visitors will come along and support these exciting competitions.”

There are some attractive discounts on tickets bought in advance, plus fast track entrance into the show. Tickets can be purchased online at or by telephone from the Newbury & District Agricultural Society on 01635 247155.



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