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25 June 2013


The summer NFYFC competitions finals are kicking off in style in July with the National Competitions weekend in Stafford.

Over 500 Young Farmers will be taking part in competitions across the weekend, including public speaking, sports and crafts.

The national finals are the culmination of months of hard work and training, and many of the finalists will have had to compete at County and Area level before reaching the finals.

The Junior Member of the Year competition, which is open to all members under 17, is one of the highlights of the weekend, and finalists will need to give a presentation about their last 12 months in YFC and beyond. The seven finalists will all be invited to join NFYFC’s Youth Forum, a group of younger YFC members who worked to ensure all ages are represented in the YFC programme.

The weekend also includes a few brand new YFC competitions, including making a video clip to promote YFC, live knitting and ultimate Frisbee.

Hannah Talbot is NFYFC’s Competitions Chairman:

“Competitions are at the heart of YFC, from Club level right up to National and it’s always brilliant to see the amount of talent we have in our membership. The competitions programme is there to give everyone a chance to take part in something they might not have tried before, and this weekend really shows off the variety of competitions on offer.”

If you are getting set for National Finals this summer, send your team pictures and training photos to and we’ll pop them on the NFYFC Facebook page.

Download the Competitions Timetable

Saturday 6th July – Stafford Showground

•    Junior Public Speaking
•    Junior Reading
•    Brainstrust
•    After Dinner Speaking
•    Junior Member of the Year
•    Situation Vacant
•    Cube Exhibit
•    Video Clip Competition
•    Christmas Card Competition
•    Photography Competition
•    Knitted Garment Competition

Sunday 7th July - Beaconside Leisure centre and Weston Road Academy

•    Dodgeball
•    Ultimate Frisbee
•    Ladies Rounders
•    Men’s 5-a-side indoor football

25 June 2013

NFYFC has teamed up with travel company Outgoing to organise three more fantastic trips, exclusively for YFC members, including the 2014 YFC ski trip. 

The trips to Hannover, Amsterdam and France are organised especially for Young Farmers and kick-off in November as part of NFYFC’s travel programme, Discovery.

YFC members can also apply to be regional reps, working with Outgoing to promote the trips in return for free prizes, money off trips or even a free holiday.

The much anticipated YFC Ski trip 2014 takes members to Alpe d’Huez, the fifth largest ski area in France. The resort has over 250km of pistes and is home to the longest black run in Europe. The trip costs just £399 per person including travel, six nights accommodation and lift passes. For more info visit

The trip to Hannover takes place in November and includes a visit to the world’s leading international exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment – Agritechnica. The trip costs just £199 including travel, two nights’ accommodation, a walking tour of Hannover and a day trip to Agritechnica. For more info visit

A trip to Amsterdam will also be running in April 2014, details are still being finalised but will be released soon.

For more information on all of these trips as well as how you could become a YFC regional rep for Outgoing, check out the Outgoing Young Farmers webpage.

24 June 2013


Two new appointments at the NFYFC national office will support young farmers in agriculture and competitions.

Jo Wyles, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Officer and Gill Harrison, Competitions and Events Administrator  joined the team at the National office in Stoneleigh in June 2013, and will support members in clubs and counties across England and Wales.

Jo Wyles most recently worked as a rural surveyor for the National Trust and brings experience of rural affairs and an extensive knowledge of Young Farmers’ Clubs. Jo has been a member of the organisation since she was 20 years old and has previously joined clubs in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Devon.

In her new role with NFYFC, Jo will support NFYFC's 25,000 members to have their say on the future of the industry and to develop their agricultural skills. Jo will work with the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) who decide the direction of NFYFC’s agricultural policies.

Jo Wyles, NFYFC’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Officer, said:

“I think NFYFC has a unique and critical role to play within agriculture and I’m really looking forward to helping young people working in the industry get their voices heard, both at a national level and through our work with the European Council of Young Farmers’ (CEJA). I also want to help promote the opportunities available to young people and encourage more to enter the industry by working with other agricultural and rural organisations.

“As a grassroots member, my personal experience of YFC will also help me to communicate members’ views to the wider agricultural industry. I will also be representing young people’s issues such as rural housing and tenancies.”

Gill Harrison is a former member of Warwickshire FYFC and will support the competitions team to deliver NFYFC's programme of activities as well as additional support for the Annual Convention, which this year attracted 5,000 people.

Gill is no stranger to the YFC competitions programme, as she reached the national finals in floral arts, after dinner speaking and hockey during her time in Pailton YFC. She believes her experiences will help in her new role.

Gill Harrison, Competitions and Events Officer, said:

“Competitions are at the heart of NFYFC and nearly every single member will take part in a competition at some time. They are a fantastic way for members to show off a huge variety of talents and skills.

“After taking part in competitions myself, I know how much effort and preparation go into each competition and I understand the excitement of taking part in a national final. Hopefully I’ll be able to empathise with our members and help them to get the most out of taking part in YFC competitions.”

[Pictured: Gill Harrison (left) and Jo Wyles.]

19 June 2013

Representatives from NFYFC met with agricultural minister David Heath last week to discuss the latest phase of Defra’s Green Food Project.

Herefordshire FYFC member and Vice-Chairman of the NFYFC Agricultural and Rural Affairs committee, Russell Carrington joined NFYFC’s new Agriculture and Rural Affairs officer Jo Wyles for the meeting at Defra’s headquarters in Westminster.

The Green Food Project was established in 2011 to look at the challenge of increasing food production whilst enhancing the English environment and to bring together farming and food industry, environmental and consumer bodies and Government.

The meeting included updates from the five sub-groups of the Green Food Project, including the Future of Farming review which Young Farmers had an opportunity to contribute to at NFYFC’s Agricultural and Rural Affairs Forum in Blackpool, which was attended by leader of the review David Fursdon.

At the meeting Russell thanked David for this opportunity:

“NFYFC is grateful for the opportunity to input into the Future of Farming review and we look forward to some tangible outcomes that can help young farmers and new entrants get a foothold in the industry.”

The meeting, which was attended by representatives from a number of industry bodies, discussed how the Green Food Project could continue to take action on the future of food production and the environment in England. Check out Russell’s video blog for his round-up of the latest Green Food Project meeting.

Find out more about NFYFC's work on the Future of Farming.

18 June 2013


Young farmers from Norfolk and Essex attended a Brake 2young2die road safety session at television presenter Jimmy’s Farm in Suffolk at the weekend as part of the Drive it Home campaign.

The course was particularly relevant in the county after a recent Road Safety Analysis study, produced in support of the campaign, highlighted that in Suffolk there is an average of 301 young drivers from rural areas who are involved in injury collisions each year.

The course is part of NFYFC’s aim to create a team of Drive it Home champions throughout the Federation’s 46 counties in England and Wales. After the course, members are encouraged to go back to their clubs and champion a road safety event.

The sessions are free thanks to funding from NFU Mutual and the Rural Youth Trust and are aimed at changing attitudes to driving. 

Paul Hartley, Norfolk County Chairman, went on the course and said: “It definitely made you think about what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you’re behind the wheel. It reminded you of things such as stopping when you’re tired, and hearing what parents said about losing their children in car crashes made you realise how it's not worth taking risks. You only have one life.”

Television presenter Jimmy Doherty is backing the campaign and invited Eastern Area members to host their session on his farm. 

Jimmy Doherty said: "As someone who lives, works and drives in the countryside, I am very supportive of NFYFC's Drive it Home campaign to educate young people on the dangers of rural roads. I would urge young farmers to get involved, learn how to keep safe and teach others to do the same."
This course is one of seven that Brake is running for YFC members and NFYFC has chosen locations in each Area of the national Federation to give all members opportunity to take part. The campaign also includes practical driving sessions with a company called Drive Doctors and places on these courses have also been subsidised by NFU Mutual.

To find out more about the Brake courses, click here.
To find out more about the Drive Doctors practical courses, click here.

11 June 2013


Young farmers from the West and East Midlands learnt life-saving driving skills at the weekend when professional racing drivers joined them behind the wheel on the skid pan and rural roads.

The event at the Prodrive Centre in Kenilworth, was part of Drive it Home campaign and gave members a chance to take their own vehicles out on the track to experience difficult driving conditions.

The course was funded by NFU Mutual and members got to private tuition from professional drivers who advised them on what to do to escape or correct difficulties, including:

•    Learning how to react to/control major skids
•    Experiencing wet/icy condition simulations
•    Receiving expert advice on rural driving
•    Learning about key motor maintenance

Young Farmers from counties across the midlands, including: Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire Leicestershire and Northampton took part.

Tom Evans, 17, from Leamington Hastings YFC only passed his test a month ago but said the skid pan experience was a real surprise.

“The driver explained to me how to control the car and that was really good because if I’d done that on a real road I wouldn’t really know what to do to control the car. I did an 180 degree turn and it’s quite a shock when you first do it as I didn’t know how to react. And that was in a controlled situation with an instructor – not out on my own at night.”

Ben Smalley (left), 24, from Wythall YFC has been driving since he was 17 years old but said going out on the rural roads with a professional racing driver had taught him a few things.

“I did wonder if I’d learn anything but I got good tips on road placement. I learnt how I should be sticking to the outside of bends when going in one direction and the inside for the other. It was pretty useful to stop myself thinking about being in a racing line all the time!

“I had a lot of respect for the racing drivers, you can have a good laugh with them and they were really good instructors. I think I’ll drive home differently.”

For Aimee Mahony, from Market Bosworth YFC, it was a chance to learn how to tackle a skid situation – something she had experienced for real three years earlier.

“I was a bit nervous before I went on the skid pan because it replicated an accident I’d had on ice. In the accident, I slammed my foot on the brake and span off the road. On the course the instructor told me to put my foot on the accelerator and I thought he was crazy! But doing it with someone next to me made me feel safer – and it worked!”

Aimee (right) has to travel on a lot of rural roads for her job as an auditor of free range poultry farms and recommends coming on the course.

“Even if you only learn one or two little things they’re valuable for you to take and put into practice.”
Farmers Weekly came down to cover the event and ITV Central News also filmed members taking part in the activities.

To see more photos from the event, click here.

The next event is in the South West at Dunkeswell Airfield in Honiton. To book a place, contact or call 02476 857227.


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