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08 July 2013

Members celebrated in Brussels with other European young farmers when the extra financial support for young farmers was announced as part of the CAP Reform.

The European Commission confirmed that there would be a mandatory 25% top up on direct payments for new entrant young farmers under the age of 40 in all member states. It also recommended that Governments provide business start-up grants and invest in training and advisory services.

CEJA’s campaign, on behalf of two million European Young Farmers, helped to bring about the historic breakthrough and it is hoped these developments will start to address the need for generational renewal in agriculture. NFYFC also contributed to this positive outcome through its membership of CEJA, thanks to support from Mole Valley Farmers.

Chris Manley, Devon YFC and Charlotte Johnston, Warwickshire YFC, both travelled to Brussels for a CEJA meeting on the day of the announcements. They were both in the country to take part in the CEJA European Young Farmers General Assembly where new President Matteo Bartolini from Italy was elected.

As the only representative for England and Wales, NFYFC has one of the largest memberships in CEJA, which gives the maximum allocation of 12 votes and an influential position in the election outcome.

Chris said: “After consulting with other former NFYFC CEJA reps, we voted for individuals that represented countries with similar views to ours on agriculture. During the day there was a great deal of last minute campaigning in the form of one to one networking to clinch last minute votes.”

Alongside new President Matteo Bartolini, the following Vice Presidents were also voted into position: Alan Jagoe from Ireland, Mattias Daun from Germany, Laurent Poirier from France and Paola del Castillo from Spain.

Charlotte said: “Overall this was a good result for NFYFC as they were all very strong representatives of young farmers in their own right and were very positive of the prospect of NFYFC increasing its presence on CEJA matters. Thanks to Mole Valley Farmers, NFYFC has been able to contribute to these elections and the outcome of the CAP.” 

The new committee will now take on the challenge to ensure that each nation's young farmers can access the additional funding.

NFYFC’s CEJA representatives will also review the additional funding to see how it can be rolled out in the UK and will present viable recommendations to justify the Government implementing the voluntary support measures that could be made available under the Rural Development Programme.


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