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10 July 2013

Young farmers have given feedback to the Department for Transport on possible restrictions for new drivers ahead of the green paper on young driver safety that is due out later this year.

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs’ (NFYFC) National Chairman of Council Milly Wastie met with the Department for Transport this week to share feedback from young drivers who live in rural communities.

As one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK, the government department was keen to hear more about the Drive it Home campaign, which is supported by NFU Mutual. They also wanted to know how any new driving restrictions would affect young rural drivers.

Using feedback from members, the NFYFC highlighted the impact new regulations could have on work and social lives but also insisted that changes were needed to save lives.

There are suggestions that a new Graduated Driving Licence (GDL) could be implemented that would impose restrictions on new drivers for the first 12 months, including curfews on driving hours and passenger limits.

The proposals are aimed at reducing the high number of injury collisions that young people are having in their first year of driving.

While NFYFC is in agreement that the GDL could help to save more lives, the organisation is campaigning for exemptions for young people in rural areas who need to drive at night for work or college.

The NFYFC is also calling for rural roads to be included in the driving test and for more rural communities to provide wider transport options for young people in their local area.

Recent research by Road Safety Analysis, that was conducted in support of the Drive it Home campaign, revealed that young rural drivers are 44% more likely to have an injury collision than urban young drivers.

Milly Wastie said: “We really appreciated the opportunity to meet with the Department for Transport to share young farmers' views. As many of our members work long hours on farms, there is a need for exemptions on some of the proposed restrictions – such as curfews on driving after 11pm.

“We must work together to tackle road safety and to save lives and we welcome more opportunities to input into the proposals when the Green paper on road safety is released later this year.”

 For more information about the Drive it Home campaign click here. 


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