National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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26 July 2013

Representatives from the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs were urging the UK government to show their support for young farmers at a recent event in Westminster.

Katherine Sealy, a former Chairman of NFYFC’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, joined industry leaders at the Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum Keynote Seminar to discuss how the changes to the Common Agricultural Policy would affect farmers in the UK.

The forum was an opportunity for representatives from the agricultural industry to voice their opinions to policy makers in Parliament, Whitehall and various government agencies.

Katherine used the opportunity to speak about the importance of CAP support for young farmers and the future of the agricultural industry. She urged the UK government to consider using the 2% maximum of the Pillar 1 funding put aside for young farmers to fund a full 25% top up of Single Farm Payment. She also suggested that funding in Pillar 2 should be used to support young farmers in business start-ups and to enhance the development of science and technology in the agricultural industry.

Katherine said:

“The Forum was a fantastic opportunity for NFYFC to represent young farmers and ensure that their voices are heard at the highest levels. Now is the vital time for us to be urging the UK government to utilise the financial support available to the next generation of farmers.”


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