National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

07 August 2013

Thanks to sponsorship from Nestle and encouragement from IFMA president John Alliston, NFYFC Chairman Milly Wastie has been learning more about agriculture on a global scale after being invited to attend a five day conference in Poland.

The conference was held by the International Farm Management Association and hosted farmers, agricultural students, consultants and academics from over 40 countries. The attendees all had a common interest in learning more about and experiencing different farming techniques as well as how counties vary in their approach to agriculture.

During the week Milly and the rest of the attendees went on a number of field trips including visiting a peppermint farm, a salad grower and a sweetcorn canning factory.

The conference also included farmers and academics sharing their own research and personal experience of various elements of the agricultural industry in countries such as New Zealand, Poland and Argentina.

Milly said:

“Before I was asked to attend I had not heard of the IFMA conference, but now having been on this trip I really want to promote it more widely.  It was a fantastic week and I learnt a lot, particularly on the excellent field trips. It became clear that Poland is a rapidly growing country and agriculture seemed to be diverse and healthy with lots of enterprises wanting to expand.”


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