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13 August 2013

According to a recent NFYFC survey, 88% of respondents like the new YFC Buzz and two thirds read every issue of Ten26.

The communications survey was launched earlier this year to gather the views of members on the ways NFYFC talks to its members. Hundreds completed the online survey and rated the Federation’s current publications and online channels.

The survey also revealed the kind of content members would like to read in the YFC Buzz and Ten26. News about NFYFC events and projects came out top for both publications: 84% for YFC Buzz and 67% for the magazine.

There was a positive response to the new design of Ten26: 78% liked it, and 77% share the magazine with parents or siblings. Two thirds of respondents said they spend around 15 minutes reading the magazine every issue.

Email was named as the best way for NFYFC to keep members informed (88%) of NFYFC events and activities with social media coming in second (54%).

While there was a lot of support for online communication and praise for Twitter and Facebook, many members still requested printed materials due to the lack of broadband in rural areas.

In response to members saying they would like to see news about Annual Convention as soon as possible after the event in Ten26 – NFYFC sent out a special issue in June.

Other improvements to communications suggested by members included:

•    More information about upcoming events, possibly highlighted in separate emails to YFC Buzz
•    Linking social media posts with County Facebook pages
•    Increasing the frequency of Ten26
•    More involvement from members in the communications

The survey was discussed in the Communications, Events and Marketing (CEM) Steering Group and the members are using the feedback to help guide their thoughts on future communications.

Gareth Laking, Chairman of CEM, Lincolnshire FYFC, said: “It was great to see so many members responding to the survey and it will really help us to shape future communications. It was good to see that we’re doing a lot of things right at the moment as well as getting ideas on how we can make communications even better. Many thanks to everyone who took part.”

To encourage members to complete the survey, a NFYFC Goody Bag was on offer to one lucky winner. Charlotte Cookson from Wales bagged the goodies and said: “I think it's really important for NFYFC to have good communication with members because that way we won't miss out on what's going on!”


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