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29 August 2013

We’ve got two tickets to give away to Newmarket Open Day on Sunday 22nd September!

The open day is a chance to see behind the scenes of the racing industry from top trainers' yards to sites like the equine hospital, as well as a fun-filled programme of activities and entertainment at the Rowley Mile Racecourse in the afternoon.

You will get to meet some of Newmarket’s most famous four-legged athletes and watch top jockeys go head to head with celebs in a charity football match.

For more information about the day visit

For your chance to win two tickets to the race day just email before Friday 13 September 2013 with the answer to the following question, along with your name and YFC County.

Question: Name one of the charities that the 2013 Newmarket Open Day is supporting.

(Visit for a clue!)

21 August 2013

The annual NFYFC elections are fast approaching and nomination forms are now out for the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairmen for November 2013-2014. 

It’s an exciting time for NFYFC and members can elect a new team to help shape the future of the Federation.

Nomination forms and job descriptions have been sent out to all counties ahead of the council meeting on Sunday 3 November where elections for the top three positions will be made.

The NFYFC Chairman and Vice Chairmen posts are all for a one year term – but there is an opportunity to be a Vice Chairman for two years consecutively.

The NFYFC Chairman of Council, with the support of the Vice Chairmen, leads the organisation by representing members’ views at Council meetings, Board of Management meetings and external meetings and events in the wider industry, with Government bodies and in the media.

The opportunities for developing personal skills to advance your career and confidence are invaluable.

Current NFYFC Chairman of Council Milly Wastie said:

“I have really enjoyed the experience so far and very proud to be representing NFYFC at the top. I won’t deny that it is hard work and you need to be prepared to give up a lot of time to attend all the events and activities you get invited to, but it’s also a lot of fun! I have met so many people this year and founded a massive road safety campaign to save lives on rural roads. I can’t recommend it enough and I would encourage anyone tempted to get involved to just go for it and take the opportunities that come your way!”

Nominations for Chairman or Vice Chairmen are only open to people who sit on the National Council. But if you’re eager to take part and want to get more involved in shaping NFYFC, then speak to your County Chairman about getting a place on the Council.

Why not encourage your Council representatives to stand for the top positions too!

The closing date for Nominations is 10am on Friday 18th October and all nominations should be returned by email to Sandra Bromley or by post to NFYFC, YFC Centre, 10th Street, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG.

For more information about council click here

20 August 2013


An NFYFC member will represent the UK and Ireland as part of Rural Youth Europe (RYE) following recent elections in Ireland.

Russell Carrington has taken over the position from Gwennan Davies from Wales and joins five other European Board members who represent other regions in Europe. See the full line up here.

Russell, whose position lasts for two years, said: “Gwennan has done a great job and is a hard act to follow but I look forward to contributing to this great organisation and representing the five nations to the best of my ability.”

RYE is a member-led, European Non-Government Organisation that works to promote and activate young people in the countryside.  Russell was elected at the General Assembly in Gurteen, Ireland this month and was accompanied by Milly Wastie and other members who took part in the RYE Rally.

Russell plans to visit all of the five nations over the next 12 months and will meet with other European group representatives. He said:

“I would like to raise the profile of Rural Youth Europe within England and our neighbouring countries and highlight the opportunities it offers for us to learn from each other.  I have been lucky enough to travel on several RYE trips and gain a great deal so am keen to now give something back so that others can also benefit.”

NFYFC is hosting this year’s RYE Autumn Seminar in Malvern, Worcestershire, which you can read more about here.

For more information about RYE – email  Russell Carrington or click here to visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

15 August 2013

An opportunity to learn more about agro-ecological farming and to meet the Prince of Wales proved to be a real eye-opener for YFC member Russell Carrington.

Russell, who is Vice Chair of the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee, attended the Prince of Wales Food and Farming Summer School as an NFYFC representative. Held at the Organic Research centre in Berkshire, the three-day event included workshops and visits to three different farms, and ended at Highgrove for a group discussion with The Prince of Wales.

The Summer School was aimed at exploring the role of organic and agro-ecological farming as a means of being smarter about how to use nature to our advantage. A diverse mix of people attended the course – including farmers, food policy makers, government officials, university lecturers, scientists and representatives from NGOs.

The three farm visits included a tour of Chief Executive of the Soil Association Helen Browning’s 500 hectare farm. Her farm produce supplies the local pub that she also owns.

Russell (pictured right with the Price of Wales) was impressed with the operation and said: “There were several enterprises on Helen’s farm and the block rearing of free-range pork and her successful rearing of dairy calves using nurse cows was fascinating.”

The two other farms included one that was experimenting with different tillage systems for establishing their arable crops and the Duchy Home Farm in Gloucestershire to view its dairy herd, specialist arable cropping for flour production and agro-forestry trials which are integrating fruit and vegetable production.

Russell said: “All three visits were eye-opening and showed just what can be achieved by taking a fresh look at food production in the context of sustainability in its true sense. The opportunities for networking were also great and many people wanted to hear about the perspective of young farmers.”

Russell’s experience was topped off by a visit to Highgrove to meet the Prince of Wales to discuss what they had learnt during the week and to hear about everyone’s projects and initiatives.

“The Prince clearly has a deep knowledge of agriculture and we were able to discuss solutions to overcome the challenges of the future in great detail,” said Russell. “He is right behind a sustainable future for British agriculture and horticulture, hence his commitment to run this three-day course to bring together the latest thinking and distribute ideas to the participants and beyond,” said Russell.

The opportunity to send a member to this event was greatly appreciated by the Federation and it welcomes more opportunities so more members can benefit from these experiences.

If you would like to be considered for similar opportunities please contact ARAC Officer Jo Wyles.

13 August 2013

According to a recent NFYFC survey, 88% of respondents like the new YFC Buzz and two thirds read every issue of Ten26.

The communications survey was launched earlier this year to gather the views of members on the ways NFYFC talks to its members. Hundreds completed the online survey and rated the Federation’s current publications and online channels.

The survey also revealed the kind of content members would like to read in the YFC Buzz and Ten26. News about NFYFC events and projects came out top for both publications: 84% for YFC Buzz and 67% for the magazine.

There was a positive response to the new design of Ten26: 78% liked it, and 77% share the magazine with parents or siblings. Two thirds of respondents said they spend around 15 minutes reading the magazine every issue.

Email was named as the best way for NFYFC to keep members informed (88%) of NFYFC events and activities with social media coming in second (54%).

While there was a lot of support for online communication and praise for Twitter and Facebook, many members still requested printed materials due to the lack of broadband in rural areas.

In response to members saying they would like to see news about Annual Convention as soon as possible after the event in Ten26 – NFYFC sent out a special issue in June.

Other improvements to communications suggested by members included:

•    More information about upcoming events, possibly highlighted in separate emails to YFC Buzz
•    Linking social media posts with County Facebook pages
•    Increasing the frequency of Ten26
•    More involvement from members in the communications

The survey was discussed in the Communications, Events and Marketing (CEM) Steering Group and the members are using the feedback to help guide their thoughts on future communications.

Gareth Laking, Chairman of CEM, Lincolnshire FYFC, said: “It was great to see so many members responding to the survey and it will really help us to shape future communications. It was good to see that we’re doing a lot of things right at the moment as well as getting ideas on how we can make communications even better. Many thanks to everyone who took part.”

To encourage members to complete the survey, a NFYFC Goody Bag was on offer to one lucky winner. Charlotte Cookson from Wales bagged the goodies and said: “I think it's really important for NFYFC to have good communication with members because that way we won't miss out on what's going on!”

07 August 2013

Thanks to sponsorship from Nestle and encouragement from IFMA president John Alliston, NFYFC Chairman Milly Wastie has been learning more about agriculture on a global scale after being invited to attend a five day conference in Poland.

The conference was held by the International Farm Management Association and hosted farmers, agricultural students, consultants and academics from over 40 countries. The attendees all had a common interest in learning more about and experiencing different farming techniques as well as how counties vary in their approach to agriculture.

During the week Milly and the rest of the attendees went on a number of field trips including visiting a peppermint farm, a salad grower and a sweetcorn canning factory.

The conference also included farmers and academics sharing their own research and personal experience of various elements of the agricultural industry in countries such as New Zealand, Poland and Argentina.

Milly said:

“Before I was asked to attend I had not heard of the IFMA conference, but now having been on this trip I really want to promote it more widely.  It was a fantastic week and I learnt a lot, particularly on the excellent field trips. It became clear that Poland is a rapidly growing country and agriculture seemed to be diverse and healthy with lots of enterprises wanting to expand.”


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