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10 September 2013

Young farmers from across the East and West Midlands can take part in two Brake 2young2die road safety sessions in September as part of the Drive it Home campaign.

The sessions are free, thanks to funding from NFU Mutual and the Rural Youth Trust, and both will equip members with all they need to know to run their own 2young2die training courses back in their clubs.

Members from the East Midlands are invited to attend the 2young2die session on 14 September at Newark County Showground and the West Midlands course will be held on 21 September at Staffordshire County Showground. The free interactive sessions run from 11am until 4pm and include lunch and refreshments.

The course is particularly relevant in Nottinghamshire after a recent study produced in support of NFYFC’s Drive it Home campaign, highlighted that in Nottinghamshire there is an average of 215 young drivers from rural areas who are involved in injury collisions each year. The figures show one in 105 young rural drivers in Nottinghamshire is involved in an injury collision each year. 

Young rural drivers across England and Wales are nearly twice (44%) as likely to be involved in a collision compared to young urban drivers.

NFYFC’s National Chairman of Council Milly Wastie is also attending the session in Newark and said:

“It’s great that we’re hosting a Brake 2young2die course in the East Midlands as two locations from this Area are in the top three of places that are above the national average for injury collisions by young rural drivers. The course is really interactive but makes you think twice about the way you drive. These courses are free for members because of the funding we have received, so make the most of the opportunity and book on a course.”

The Drive it Home campaign aims to reduce the number of incidents involving young drivers. NFYFC is creating a team of Drive it Home champions throughout the Federation’s 46 counties in England and Wales and 50 more will become champions in the East and West Midlands.

This course is one of seven that Brake is running for YFC members and NFYFC has chosen locations in each Area of the national Federation to give all members opportunity to take part.

The campaign also includes practical driving sessions with a company called Drive Doctors and places on these courses have also been subsidised by NFU Mutual.

To book on a Brake course, email or call 02476 857200. For more information about the course click here..


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