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19 September 2013


Young farmers from across the East Midlands attended a Brake 2young2die road safety session at Newark Showground at the weekend as part of the Drive it Home campaign.

The course was particularly important for members attending from Lincolnshire, which is one of the most dangerous regions for young rural drivers. A recent study, produced as part of the campaign, highlighted that in Lincolnshire there is an average of 396 young drivers from rural areas who are involved in injury collisions each year – 34% above the national average.

Sophie Potter from Lincolnshire FYFC attended the course:

"I thought the course was really good - there was loads of information and facts to take away to other members. I feel as though I would be able to run my own road safety sessions and I'm actually booked to deliver one to my Club in January."

The course is part of NFYFC’s aim to create a team of Drive it Home champions throughout the Federation’s 46 counties in England and Wales. After the course, members are encouraged to go back to their clubs and champion a road safety event.

The sessions are free thanks to funding from NFU Mutual and the Rural Youth Trust and are aimed at changing attitudes to driving. 

This course is one of seven that Brake is running for YFC members and NFYFC has chosen locations in each Area of the national Federation to give all members opportunity to take part. The campaign also includes practical driving sessions with a company called Drive Doctors and places on these courses have also been subsidised by NFU Mutual.

Find out how you can book on a Brake 2young2die course or a Drive Doctors driving course.


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