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24 September 2013

New entrants to sheep farming are being encouraged to make contact with the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB).

BWMB is aware of the challenges, both in terms of resources and finances facing the current generation of new entrants and wants to do all it can to help them maximise the value of their wool, explained BWMB Producer Communications Manager Gareth Jones.
‘’New entrants are the future of our industry and the BWMB is keen to encourage them wherever possible," he said.?
BWMB are encouraging new entrants to contact them to ensure their thoughts are heard.  "We are actively looking into different ideas on how we could support any potential new entrants to the industry, so we need to ensure we hear from as many new entrants as possible this season.  Like existing producers, new entrants to sheep farming have much to gain by marketing their wool through the BWMB’s competitive auction system which helps them maximise the true value of their wool."
For any new entrants, a specific email address ? has been set up for producers to contact the BWMB.

"Our intention is to engage with potential ‘young’ producers and discuss ideas on what would benefit and support them.  We’ll also discuss any potential ideas with stakeholder groups” added Mr Jones.

Clubs wishing to invite the BWMB along to an evening session to talk about wool should contact


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