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25 September 2013


Representatives from NFYFC visited Brussels last weekend to discuss the implementation of new CAP regulations with fellow members of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA).

Duncan Howie, from Essex FYFC, joined NFYFC’s new Agriculture and Rural Affairs officer Jo Wyles on the visit, which was supported by Defra, to take part in CEJA working groups.

The groups discussed where each country was in terms of implementing the new CAP regulations, as well as how young farmers could ensure they received adequate support from their own governments. There was also an opportunity for CEJA representatives to talk to their own MEPs involved in CAP negotiations, which are not yet completed.

Jo said:

“We discovered that the picture across Europe is very different in terms of the level of discussions that have taken place with governments. No countries had yet made a decision on how much support they would offer their young farmers, but some were much further ahead in their discussions than others.

“The working groups gave us a useful insight into the process of negotiation and we can use this knowledge to help get the best results for our Young Farmers.”

The NFYFC Agricultural and Rural Affairs committee are currently preparing a document that will enable YFC members to feedback to the UK government about the type of support they are most in need of.

24 September 2013

New entrants to sheep farming are being encouraged to make contact with the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB).

BWMB is aware of the challenges, both in terms of resources and finances facing the current generation of new entrants and wants to do all it can to help them maximise the value of their wool, explained BWMB Producer Communications Manager Gareth Jones.
‘’New entrants are the future of our industry and the BWMB is keen to encourage them wherever possible," he said.?
BWMB are encouraging new entrants to contact them to ensure their thoughts are heard.  "We are actively looking into different ideas on how we could support any potential new entrants to the industry, so we need to ensure we hear from as many new entrants as possible this season.  Like existing producers, new entrants to sheep farming have much to gain by marketing their wool through the BWMB’s competitive auction system which helps them maximise the true value of their wool."
For any new entrants, a specific email address ? has been set up for producers to contact the BWMB.

"Our intention is to engage with potential ‘young’ producers and discuss ideas on what would benefit and support them.  We’ll also discuss any potential ideas with stakeholder groups” added Mr Jones.

Clubs wishing to invite the BWMB along to an evening session to talk about wool should contact

24 September 2013


Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this for more than 100 Young Farmers whose culinary efforts will be judged by former Masterchef finalist Ben Axford at the Malvern Autumn Show this weekend.

The cookery challenge, which is hosted on Saturday 28 September, is an annual competition for members of NFYFC and this year’s theme is Best of British.

Competitors from across England and Wales will represent their home counties by producing the themed four course meal using locally sourced ingredients.

This is the third year Masterchef finalist Ben [pictured] has judged the competition alongside two other food specialists. Ben has cooked at 10 Downing Street and for eight chefs at The Savoy, as well as writing for the BBC Good Food magazine.

Ben said: “This year I’ll be looking forward to seeing what leaps and bounds the teams have made in terms of menu concepts, cooking skills and presentation. Hopefully they’ll be learning each year from the feedback their predecessors have received. 

“It will be interesting to see what trends come through across the board, and as always I am fascinated at the ingenuity teams’ display in overcoming both the equipment and time constraints they are under.  This is a great opportunity for all Young Farmers to challenge themselves to deliver incredible dishes with home grown produce, whilst also being a really fun day.”

In total more than 200 Young Farmers will compete in NFYFC competitions at this year’s Malvern Autumn Show, where members of the public can learn more about one of the largest rural youth organisation in the UK. As well as cookery, Young Farmers will also be competing in junior, intermediate and senior floral arts competitions on Sunday 29th September, creating floral displays to the theme of ‘Best of British Farming.’

NFYFC Competitions Chairman Hannah Talbot said:

“NFYFC always looks forward to the Malvern Autumn Show because it’s such a great event to host our competition finals of cookery and floral arts. We welcome members of the public to come and visit us over the weekend to see what our Young Farmers are creating and to learn more about our fantastic organisation. We’re thrilled to have Ben judging our cookery competition again – he understands what it’s like to cook when you’re under pressure! Our theme is Best of British this year and I can’t wait to see what treats our members have in store.”

23 September 2013

YFC members were learning from the experts this week at a brand new training day in grassland management run by NFYFC and the British Grasslands Society (BGS).

Grass Farming for the Future is a new initiative, supported by Defra, which aims to teach Young Farmers how to make the most of a cheap and nutritious livestock feed. Members visited the farm of Shropshire farmer Tim Downes and learnt about grassland and soil management before taking a tour around his dairy farm.

One YFC member who attended the event said:

“It was a really interesting day and great to have a technical and agricultural based event for Young Farmers.”

As well as the training day, members can also take part in a competition to win a scholarship to a grasslands conference, thanks to BGS. Teams of two will need to complete a report on how they would turn around the fortunes of a struggling dairy farm.

BGS technical project manager Louise Davison, who has been working with NFYFC to devise the competition said:

“This competition sets out to open young people’s eyes and minds to the potential of grass - particularly when bought-in feed prices are so high. We also want to improve the knowledge of the next generation, and show them that grassland farming can be a profitable and sustainable method of livestock production.”

20 September 2013

Bookings are coming in fast for the last ever NFYFC driving course for members to learn how to control their vehicles in a skid situation and get expert training on rural roads.

The Drive Doctors course, which has been heavily subsidised by NFU Mutual as part of its support of the Drive it Home campaign, only costs £10 for members and is being held at Finmere Aerodrome in Milton Keynes on Sunday 13 October.

So far around 80 members have taken part in these specialist driving courses that have been held in Kenilworth and Honiton and feedback has shown that 95% of participants said the course had made them think differently about the way they drive.

In the same survey, 95% of participants also said they felt more confident about knowing what to do if they were involved in a skid situation.

The course, which is taught by professional racing drivers from the Drive Doctors company, is aimed at young drivers who live and work in rural areas and includes:
•    Learning how to react to/control major skids
•    Experiencing wet/icy condition simulations
•    Receiving expert advice on rural driving
•    Learning about key motor maintenance

Tom Evans took part in the course at the Kenilworth Prodrive centre in June and was surprised by his experience on the skid pan.

“I did just over a 180 degree turn. It’s quite a shock when you first do it and I didn’t know how to react. And that was in a controlled situation with someone – not on my own at night. The driver explained how to control the car and that was really good because if i;d done that on the road I wouldn’t have know what to do," said Tom.

The course runs in two sessions (morning and afternoon) with a total of 36 spaces available at £10. Members are already booking on the course and places are being given on a first come, first served basis. Please book by 4th October to secure a place. Contact Christina Evans or call 02476 857227.

For more information, visit our Drive Doctors page and the campaign area of the site.

Watch this video to see members experiencing the course in Kenilworth.

19 September 2013


Young farmers from across the East Midlands attended a Brake 2young2die road safety session at Newark Showground at the weekend as part of the Drive it Home campaign.

The course was particularly important for members attending from Lincolnshire, which is one of the most dangerous regions for young rural drivers. A recent study, produced as part of the campaign, highlighted that in Lincolnshire there is an average of 396 young drivers from rural areas who are involved in injury collisions each year – 34% above the national average.

Sophie Potter from Lincolnshire FYFC attended the course:

"I thought the course was really good - there was loads of information and facts to take away to other members. I feel as though I would be able to run my own road safety sessions and I'm actually booked to deliver one to my Club in January."

The course is part of NFYFC’s aim to create a team of Drive it Home champions throughout the Federation’s 46 counties in England and Wales. After the course, members are encouraged to go back to their clubs and champion a road safety event.

The sessions are free thanks to funding from NFU Mutual and the Rural Youth Trust and are aimed at changing attitudes to driving. 

This course is one of seven that Brake is running for YFC members and NFYFC has chosen locations in each Area of the national Federation to give all members opportunity to take part. The campaign also includes practical driving sessions with a company called Drive Doctors and places on these courses have also been subsidised by NFU Mutual.

Find out how you can book on a Brake 2young2die course or a Drive Doctors driving course.


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