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25 September 2013


Representatives from NFYFC visited Brussels last weekend to discuss the implementation of new CAP regulations with fellow members of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA).

Duncan Howie, from Essex FYFC, joined NFYFC’s new Agriculture and Rural Affairs officer Jo Wyles on the visit, which was supported by Defra, to take part in CEJA working groups.

The groups discussed where each country was in terms of implementing the new CAP regulations, as well as how young farmers could ensure they received adequate support from their own governments. There was also an opportunity for CEJA representatives to talk to their own MEPs involved in CAP negotiations, which are not yet completed.

Jo said:

“We discovered that the picture across Europe is very different in terms of the level of discussions that have taken place with governments. No countries had yet made a decision on how much support they would offer their young farmers, but some were much further ahead in their discussions than others.

“The working groups gave us a useful insight into the process of negotiation and we can use this knowledge to help get the best results for our Young Farmers.”

The NFYFC Agricultural and Rural Affairs committee are currently preparing a document that will enable YFC members to feedback to the UK government about the type of support they are most in need of.


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