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15 October 2013


Young entrepreneurs are learning top business tips in Malvern this week at the Rural Youth Europe (RYE) Autumn Seminar, hosted by NFYFC.

Forty young people from across Europe are taking part in the week-long event at the Malvern Outdoor Elements centre, and so far they’ve learnt how to create business plans, launch a social media campaign, and folk dance!

The seminar has been planned and organised by a team of YFC members as part of RYE's annual programme of seminars and rallies held across Europe for rural young people. NFYFC was awarded the funding for the seminar by the EU’s Youth in Action programme, managed in the UK by the British Council.

Anja Fortnuna, 19, from Slovenia is one of the young people taking part:

“I’ve wanted to visit England my whole life so I’m so excited to be here. I live in a village in Slovenia and my parents run their own restaurant and farm business. I want to run my own business and have the freedom to decide where I work and when.”

After getting to know each other with some team building games and an international buffet on Sunday, the participants began the week by looking at what makes the perfect entrepreneur. They profiled famous entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey and examined the traits that made them successful.

They then began to look at creating their own business plans, with a workshop run by NFYFC Life-Vice President Chris Lloyd. The group were also joined by Simon Crouch and Georgina Robinson from NatWest who are both specialists in business start-up and planning.

This was followed by a session on how to make social media work for your business, with some top tips from social media expert and CEO of SocialB,  Lynsey Sweales.

Karl Hockenhull, from Staffordshire FYFC, took part in the workshop:

“I’d like to start my own business in the future, perhaps a farms shop so I think this week is really going to help me with that. The social media workshop was great I really learnt a lot today.  I never knew how much social media can help your business even when you are just starting up.”

The RYE Autumn Seminar continues throughout this week with visits to local businesses and farms, presentations from successful entrepreneurs as well as evening activities. Each participant is writing a blog about their week, and you can find the link to all of these blogs by visiting Chairman of the Autumn Seminar, Claire Worden's, blog.

You can also follow all of the activity from the seminar on twitter using the hashtag #ryeas2013 and see pictures from the week so far on the NFYFC Facebook page.

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