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16 October 2013

Torrential rain provided challenging conditions for the last 2013 YFC driving course, where members’ driving skills were put to the ultimate test by pro racing drivers in Buckingham.

As the rain lashed down, members took their cars out on a circuit at Finmere Aerodrome with experienced racing drivers who passed on advice about speed, road positioning and handling skid situations.

The course was funded by NFU Mutual as part of the NFYFC’s Drive it Home campaign. Members only had to pay £10 (RRP £99) for expert tuition on rural roads, car maintenance advice and sessions on a skid pan activity course with a tutor from Drive Doctors.

For Hannah Alexander from Aylesbury YFC in Buckinghamshire, it was a chance to learn some essential skills after crashing her car last winter.

“My car slipped on the ice, went through a garden and hit a telegraph pole. The car was a gonna but luckily I just hit my head,” said Hannah who’s mum encouraged her to come on the course. “It was good to know an instructor was there telling me what to do on the skid pan. It surprised me what he said as it was the opposite of what I wanted to do. When I had my crash, I hit the brake – which was the worst action to take. Today has definitely been worth it. ”

Hannah was joined by her club leader Tom Mason and Chairman Amanda Parker who both wanted to enhance their driving skills. (Pictured left, Amanda, Tom and Hannah)

Amanda said: “We drive a lot of the juniors around with us so we like to be as safe as we can. If other members realised how much fun this is, they would have come. I think people thought it was more talking and less driving but it’s not.  It was exciting.”

Angharad Evans and her brother Daniel travelled to the course from Glamorgan YFC in Wales after hearing good feedback about the other courses.

“When the car started skidding, I would never have thought to bring it back round, I would have just let it go. It has made me think twice. I would come on it again and I would encourage people from my county to have a go,” said Anghared.

The YFC driving course was the last one to be funded by NFU Mutual but if counties want to arrange a course in their local area, they can contact Drive Doctors direct to make arrangements. 

The taster courses are priced at £99 per person but requirements should be discussed with the Drive Doctors team. 


Designed by Kevyn Williams