National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

10 December 2013

Chris represented NFYFC members at a European Council for Young Farmers’ (CEJA) working group which took place at the Agritechnica event in Hanover.

Representatives from farming organisations across Europe discussed how their home countries are responding to CAP proposals, and the methods they are using to achieve the best result for young farmers.

Chris said: “CEJA is calling on member states to maximise the two per cent of the direct payments budget available for young farmers in order to encourage generational change in the European farming population.

“We think there should be up to the maximum of 90 entitlements for Young Farmers in the UK.
Extra guaranteed income will help in establishing a new business and we hope it will also encourage more farming families to hand over the reins sooner to the next generation as part of a succession plan.” 
The information Chris gathered helped to feed into NFYFC’s response to the CAP reforms and to ensure English young farmers receive a fair level of support. 

Chris also attended a panel discussion called Global Tillage – Young Agriculture Worldwide, which gave 400 young farmers the chance to discuss their business future in agriculture.

“Young farmers from Tanzania, the Netherlands, South Africa and the USA shared their experiences and regardless of the continent, the size of the farm and the political framework, all of them said the image of agriculture is one of the biggest challenges,” said Chris. “We have to improve the image of farming.”



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