National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

25 January 2014

Members got the opportunity to see inside an abattoir and learn more about food production and livestock at a recent training event with EBLEX. 

Two regional Meat for the Market training courses for Beef and Lamb were held in Lancashire and Chesterfield and passed on practical farming business skills.

Participants were asked to handle the animals and to classify and judge the weights of them before they were slaughtered and then compared their results when they were shown the carcasses.

The course also taught members about food safety, how to produce meat for today’s consumer and how to get the most profit. There were lots of tips and advice for members who enter stockjudging competitions too.

Emma Tingle, 23, from Cawthorne YFC in Yorkshire is not from a farming background but said the Lamb course has got her one step closer to her dream of owning her own flock of sheep!

“I would love to have my own sheep! I have married a joiner so I don’t know how likely it’s going to be,” said Emma who works for her husband’s building firm. “I had a crack at the live and carcase stockjudging competition last year and ended up in the national finals and came seventh. I really enjoyed it so I decided to go along to this course to get a bit more background and experience.

“When you’re not handling sheep every day and you don’t know what you’re looking for, this course helps to make the links from the live sheep to the carcase more obvious. I would definitely recommend it.”

Despite it being the first time Emma had been inside an abattoir, she says it hasn’t put her off eating meat.

“I was concerned that as a partial townie I was going to come back a converted vegetarian but I can confirm I am desperate for some Barnsley chops! It was so informative and from a consumer point of view you learn so much more.

“I’m nowhere near a shepherd yet, but I would certainly feel more confident about taking it on now.”

The Meat for the Market training was free for YFC members and NFYFC are looking into future events.


Designed by Kevyn Williams