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29 January 2014

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs is warning members about a new social media craze called Neknominate.
The drinking game, which started in Australia, has now been picked up in the UK and is potentially putting young people in dangerous situations.
The aim of the game is to complete a drinking dare and then nominate someone to do the same. The dares are recorded and the videos are posted on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where the person names the next person to complete a drinking dare.  
While this activity is not connected to YFC, members may be tempted – or feel pressurised – to get involved in these stunts.
The police and other organisations are condemning these activities and the media has started to expose people in some of the videos.
National Chairman of Council Claire Worden said: “We are very concerned about this new social media craze on a number of levels. While this is not a YFC activity, we would ask members who are getting involved in it to respect YFC’s reputation.  
“It is also important to consider your own reputation. Posting videos in a public domain means they can be viewed by current and future employers, colleges/universities, family and the media.
“Please also respect members and not pressurise anyone to take part in these drinking games – especially those under 18 years old. Bullying within YFC is not tolerated and not something we are known for – let’s keep our excellent reputation.”

NFYFC has issued the following warning for people who are taking part in these activities:

  • Drinking while operating machinery or driving is extremely dangerous, illegal and is not condoned by NFYFC or the Farm Safety Partnership. Please check out our pages on Farm Safety for a reminder on why it is important to act responsibly around machinery and on the farm and check out our Drive it Home campaign on road safety.
  • Those choosing to take part do so of their own volition and should not associate YFC or NFYFC in their activities. Neknominate is not an activity endorsed by the Federation. Consider the reputation of your club and your county and the knock on effect this could have on the wider organisation – as well as your own personal reputation. 
  • Young people under the age of 18 should not be nominated to take part in a drinking dare – and no one should feel pressurised into being involved. Check out the Rural+ campaign for more information about rural isolation and the impact of online bullying. 

If you or any one you know is concerned about a Neknomination challenge, they can contact NFYFC’s Youthwork Officer Cath Sykes on 02476 857222 or email.


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