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07 March 2014

NFYFC is working with clubs in Somerset to help organise a clean up operation after floodwaters have ruined homes and farms in the region.

National Chairman of Council Claire Worden met with members, farmers and Somerset County Council last week to discuss a way Young Farmers’ Clubs could support local communities.

The current needs are:

•    Volunteers for manual cleaning tasks within the confines of a farm holding and farm house
•    Clearing farm land of small debris (for example, there are miles of hedge rows choked with strong, domestic and commercial refuse that will need to be handpicked into skips).

Somerset FYFC is now working closely with the local authority, responsible for the clean-up coordination, and local farming and rural communities, to collate a database of properties that would welcome the help of YFC members.

NFYFC has set up a central email address where members can pledge their support for the clean up and will work with Somerset to match offers of help to those in need.

While many YFCs across England and Wales hoped to take part in a one day clean up event, local organisers have insisted this is not a practical solution for Somerset. There are issues around business/household insurance and the need for loss adjusters/assessors to have reviewed claims before cleaning can commence.

Clubs in Somerset are trialling their clean up plans this weekend, offering support to a local farm who need help. Up to eight young farmers are giving their time for free to help clear up the yard of a farm in Moorland. 

Bridgwater Club Chairman Rachel Dyer is helping to coordinate a team of helpers for this weekend’s work and said: “Our club has been trying to do what we can to help people. Our members have helped evacuate cattle from local farms and have been involved with hauling donated forage to farms.

“The support from other YFCs around the country has been overwhelming and it’s really appreciated. We just want to get back to normal now but I think it’s going to take a long while.” 

How to get involved

To coordinate volunteers, the recovery team are looking for:

•    Groups of four to eight people, who must allbe  over the age of 18 with a Team Leader (1 or 2 car loads)
•    All volunteers should have an up to date tetanus inoculation.

To pledge your support to the clean up effort, email NFYFC  so they can work with Somerset FYFC to match pledges to their database of requests for support

Please include the following information in your pledge:
1.    Team leader – full contact details
2.    Number of volunteers (ideally teams of 4 to 8 YFC members)
3.    Dates on which the group is available to volunteer

Volunteers should be prepared to equip themselves with good wellington boots/strong work boots and overalls and suitable outdoor clothing.

The Clean Up Coordinators will equip volunteers with:
•    Suitable gloves
•    Hi Vis Jackets
•    Hand tools for the job at hand
•    A verbal risk assessment of the task and the hazards to be avoided.

Insurance information:
The current NFYFC insurance policy, held with the NFU Mutual will provide the required Public Liability Insurance for those YFC members aged 18 and over volunteering to help with the clean-up. Risk assessments are required as with any YFC activity.


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