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18 March 2014

BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark played a prank on the show in March when he called NFYFC with a list of demands for Scott Mills for his gig at Annual Convention.

Among the items were 10 piglets, a pizza that looked like Scott Mills’ face and two Young Farmers to pay compliments to the Radio 1 DJ for the whole time he is at Annual Convention.

Chris pretended to be Scott Mills’ agent and reeled off a list of diva-style demands for NFYFC to provide for him in Blackpool.

Christina Evans, NFYFC’s Fundraising Officer, took the call and recorded the list of requirements. She said it was difficult not to laugh at some of the requests.

“It was very funny as the list got more and more ridiculous. I was definitely confused when he started asking for white goods and was wondering why he would need a fridge and a washing machine!

“It’s all great promotion for our Annual Convention though and it’s just great to know that Scott and Chris are excited about playing at our fantastic event!”

The Radio joke attracted lots of comments on Twitter including Towcester YFC who saw the opportunity to make some demands for their Chairman. 

They tweeted: “@NFYFC can Towcester YFC have Bon Bons a pizza looking like our chairman and 4 cardboard cut outs of @scott_mills in our hotel on the AGM?”

Katie Evans from Wales tweeted: “Hahahaha hilarious @BBCR1 @Chris_Stark @scott_mills @NFYFC soo excited for agm now!!!! Get the pizza ready aha.”

Daniel Rowe from Keverne YFC in Cornwall tweeted. “Brilliant phone call to @NFYFC from Chris stark - I feel sorry for the one who had to deal with it!”

The full list of demands were:

  • 6 boxes of wine
  • Pizza – toppings to look like Scott’s face
  • Fruit basket
  • Cured meat
  • Lebonese food
  • Bonbons
  • Scented candles – vanilla
  • Dressing room – to have a staff member outside at all time. Showered and freshly shaven.  No eye contact with Scott
  • Two fans to be outside his dressing room to follow Scott around and pay him compliments. They can give him eye contact.
  • White goods in dressing room (fridge, freezer, dishwasher)
  • Wet look gel
  • Large tub of Vaseline
  • Koi carp or piglets
  • Set of albums – S Club 7, Cher, Jersey Boys, Ricky Martin
  • Four cardboard cut outs of Scott Mills placed around the dressing room in different stances
  • Just beer and pizza for Chris.

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