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14 April 2014

YFC members from the 1950s were amongst those who helped to bury the NFYFC’s time capsule in Hemyock this April.

Brian Clist, former Culm Valley YFC Chairman from 1951/52, was among the speakers at a special ceremony to mark the burial of the capsule at a site where Young Farmers used to meet in 1921.

The capsule contains memorabilia from the Federation’s 80th year donated by 18 clubs from across England and Wales. Among the haul of items secured inside are photos, programmes, stickers, badges and information about clubs and the Federation.

The idea of a time capsule was suggested by the Youth Forum in 2012 as a way of marking the Federation’s 80th year. The intention is for future YFC members to dig it up again in 2058 so they can find out what life as a young farmer was like in 2013.

Chairman of the Youth Forum Sioned Davies gave a speech at the event and said: “We hope this small selection of items can convey the breadth of opportunity and the depth of our history.

“We hope the ceremony gave everyone a chance to reflect on the growth of the past 80 years and to celebrate the vigour and energy of our members today. Something we hope will be conveyed to those opening the capsule in 2058 on the 125th anniversary of NFYFC.”

Chairman of Mid Devon County Council John Berry also spoke at the event and Councillor Ray Radford read out a letter on behalf of Neil Parish MP – all three are former members of Culm Valley YFC.

“I would like to pay great tribute to the work of the Young Farmers for running a great youth organisation throughout the country that does a great amount of work for charitable causes,” Neil said in the letter.

“There are now four generations of young farmers and this is one of the great strengths of the organisation as there is the support from grandfathers, fathers, and present day young farmers.  I pay tribute to all of those club leaders who support the Young Farmers’ movement.”

The letter also included some interesting historical facts, such as:
•    In 1921, the average farm worker had a wage of just under £2 per week compared with the average railway worker who received £3 per week.
•    The price of wheat in 1921 was £17 a tonne; the price in March 2014 was nearly £170 per tonne.

After Culm Valley YFC members helped to officially bury the time capsule, everyone was invited back to Hemyock Parish Hall to look at old photographs and displays about Young Farmers’ Clubs and Hemyock.

There was also an opportunity to capture what people thought the industry and the NFYFC would look like in 2058. Attendees at the event were invited to hang their thoughts on a special wishing tree and their ideas will be kept, with a record of attendance, for young farmers to read in 2058.

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