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30 May 2014

The Farm Safety Partnership, which NFYFC is a member of, launched a Stop! Think! Slurry Gas campaign at the Grassland & Muck event and has issued a new leaflet for guidance. 

In the last ten years there have been ten fatal accidents involving slurry in Great Britain. Decomposition of slurry can release a cocktail of toxic gases including hydrogen sulphide. Even just a few breaths of the gas can render a person unconscious.

The leaflet contains 11 points to help farmers plan and undertake work with slurry to help reduce the risk of an incident. It urges farmers to not put themselves at risk when there is an incident, if possible stopping the pump and getting a person to fresh air. 999 should be called immediately advising that slurry gas may be present.

The work of the partnership ties in with the work undertaken by the Farm Safety Partnership in Northern Ireland and further materials are available to download from their website.

For more information, download the guide from the NFU website here. Find out more about NFYFC's commitment to Farm Safety here.


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