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13 June 2014

The two counties might be more than 100 miles apart, but young farmers in Glamorgan could still feel the distress of those communities affected by the floods in Somerset.

After a major fundraising effort earlier in the year, clubs in the Welsh county recently decided to visit Somerset to offer practical support too.

Laura Miles, Glamorgan FYFC’s Training & Promotions Chairman, said:  “Having seen the devastating effect the recent flooding had on the farming community in Somerset, as a county federation we decided we wanted to help out.”

After contacting Somerset’s County Organiser Gillian Dosson, 17 members from four different clubs in Glamorgan got to work on Battens Farm in Moorland.

Members cut up trees and split wood, while others cleared the yard, cemented washing sheds, strimmed grass and cleared weeds and rubble. Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex were due to visit Battens Farm on the Monday after their visit so the aim was to tidy up as much as possible.

Laura said: “The farmers were very accommodating, showing us inside the farmhouse, which is still drying out. It was really hard to imagine the water could cause so much devastation; some fields were up to 18 feet underwater. The farmer provided us with aerial photographs showing the buildings that were once on the farm which have now had to be demolished because they were unsafe.”

The workers received a warm welcome from clubs in Somerset with an overnight stay in the county office after an evening in the local pub. Polden Hills YFC also provided breakfast on Saturday morning and supplied a picnic lunch.

“There is still so much work to do in Somerset,” said Laura. “We only witnessed the devastation in one small village but there are so many others who have been affected. We hope we have made a small difference to the farming community by contributing to the Battens Farm Project. It was a humbling experience and one that I'm sure none of the members will forget.”

This show of practical support from Glamorgan followed on from an amazing fundraising effort earlier in the year. The County Federation joined forces with Glamorgan NFU to host a fundraising evening with an auction and a raffle that raised £20,000 for the Addington Trust.
 Have you been supporting communities in Somerset? Email the communications team with your story.


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