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01 July 2014

A stylish addition to the competitions programme in 2014-15 will add a touch of glamour to Competitions Day 2015 when members will showcase homemade garments at a YFC fashion show.

Members on the Competitions Steering Group at Council agreed to change the ‘bunting’ competition to a challenge for members to create a garment that will be worn and judged at Competitions Day.

The announcements about changes to the competitions programme were made during the Council meeting in June, where alterations to rules were approved or deferred. The following changes were agreed:

  • Double eliminator entries for painted canvas, fashion and garden sculpture.
  • Members competing under 18 years old must now submit Parental consent forms to NFYFC TEN working days before a national final (instead of five).

After a lengthy discussion around a proposed increase in fines for those who withdraw from competitions after the deadline, it was finally agreed that Council members should discuss this suggestion with their clubs and bring thoughts back to the November Council meeting.

Other competition news included the fact Cube Exhibits are now being displayed at the Tenbury Show, Worcestershire on 2 August alongside the finals of the Tug of War. This was because the show attracts more members of the public than the Competitions Day and gives members’ artwork the profile they deserve.

The Competitions Steering Group is also looking at the rules for future Tug of War competitions and NODA will be approached about judging the Pantomime competition at Convention 2015.

Positive feedback in the Convention survey about the Darts competition at this year’s Annual Convention means that it will be staged again in 2015 at the Convention in Torquay. 

Find out more about the Council meeting in the summary report.

01 July 2014

The chance to meet up with friends is the top reason why members attend Annual Convention, revealed a recent survey on the 2014 event.

More than 5,500 young farmers gathered in the seaside resort of Blackpool and partied their socks off with friends over the weekend. Members gave the 2014 event a massive thumbs up with 99% rating their weekend as excellent/good and 99% saying they would recommend the event to their family and friends. 

Chris Stark and Scott Mills came out as the favourite DJs of the weekend – a whopping 92% rated them as excellent/good with lots of positive comments.

One survey respondent referred to the prank call that the duo made to NFYFC that was aired on their Radio 1 show and said: “Scott Mills and Chris Stark got really involved in the build up to the weekend which I think made their performance better!”

The survey gave valuable feedback to help shape future events, with suggestions for bands and DJs, as well as tips on how to improve the AGRI Forum and Competitions.

All of the feedback was discussed at the recent NFYFC Council meeting in Blackpool and the different steering groups discussed how they could develop their areas. The Communications, Events and Marketing (CEM) Steering Group had the biggest challenge to review all the feedback and have already put plans in place to help respond to members’ views.

“The feedback around communication was really helpful,” said Chairman of CEM David Maidment, from Wiltshire FYFC. “The launch of the new Convention website helped to keep members informed in the run up to Convention but now we can see that an App could also help us to keep members better informed during the weekend as well as in the run up to the event.”

As a thank you for completing the survey NFYFC ran a competition with HOPS to enter all respondents into a prize draw to win one of two wristbands for the 2015 Annual Convention in Torquay. The winners were announced during the Council meeting and they are Lucy Corner from Elwick YFC in County Durham and Steven Fell from Broughton YFC in Cumbria.

During the Council meeting it was also agreed that the pre-booked wristband prices would be increased by £5 this year for both members and associates but this would be fixed for two years (2015 and 2016 events).

The CEM group also requested a discount for the on-the-door ticket price for a one-day package to encourage more sales. This was approved and the one-day, on-the-door ticket price will be £34.50 for members and £37 for associates.

Council also agreed that the deadline for discounted pre-booked packages for Convention would remain at six weeks. There was good news for those who wanted to buy wristbands on the weekend of the event though as the deadline was moved to four weeks before the event for when members needed to be registered on the database.

Find out more information about the Council meeting, and download the meeting summary.


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