National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

01 July 2014

The Youth Forum is submitting a motion to the British Youth Council to raise awareness of mental health issues in rurally isolated areas.

The motion, which is being raised in support of NFYFC’s Rural+ campaign, is one of two the Forum will submit.

The other motion focuses on increasing field to fork education in schools. The Forum wish to propse that it is mandatory that all primary schoolchildren have a farm visit, supported by learning resources to raise awareness of where food comes from.

The motion backs up other work the Youth Forum are working on with FACE and their efforts to create a new Field to Fork game for schoolchildren. The group are showcasing a pilot game at the CLA Game Fair in July called Watch that Cowpat! Children (and adults) have to match produce, such as milk, to a picture of what has produced it, such as a dairy cow, on a large mat.  

The Youth Forum, who are now one of the organisation’s five Steering Groups, are focused on coming up with ideas to involve members aged under-19 in the Federation. Council approved their idea to progress an under-18 ski trip in February 2016 as part of the YFC Travel programme.

Sioned Davies, Chairman of the Youth Forum (pictured), presented the updates from the Steering Group meeting to the Council and mentioned the success of the Time Capsule burial in April to commemorate the 80th year.

Members of the Youth Forum also visited all the Steering Group meetings on the Saturday before Council to ensure younger members views were heard.


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