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07 July 2014

The first ever road safety competition at the national finals was won by a club in Derbyshire – who had never competed in a national final before!

Belper YFC are the proud owners of the first ever trophy for a competition that was created to support the Federation’s Drive it Home road safety campaign.

Joe Plgrim and Joe Hall were shocked to find out they were the winners.  “We didn’t really prepare that much for this,” said Joe Pilgrim who only joined the club 18 months ago. “We just turned up and gave it our best shot.”

Their best turned out to be the winning formula as they scored high marks in their hazard awareness test, which was kindly supplied by Right Driver, and their practical challenges. Contestants were asked to check over a car to identify its faults and then had to change a wheel.

Joe Hall said he felt competitions like this were important. “Anything to help people drive more safely on the road is a good thing.”

Nine teams took part in the Drive it Home competition and Tom Jameson amd Imogen Young from Lancashire A took third place, with Ashleigh Fenwick and Thomas Pattinson from Yorkshire B winning second place.

Competitors used a stripped down hazard awareness theory test from Right Driver, custom-made for the event. You can see how you would do in the test by visiting the page and using the username and password rightdriver and rightdriver. Or, have a go at full mock theory tests by visiting the Right Driver website.

The Drive it Home competition was one of nine national finals taking place on Competitions Day in Staffordshire.

Find out more information about the competition and the Drive it Home campaign.


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