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20 July 2014

Children – and adults – have been learning more about where their food comes from when the Youth Forum tested out their new game at the CLA Game Fair this July. 

Challenged with devising a new field-to-fork education game, the Youth Forum came up with Watch that Cowpat – a fun game where children must match the food product with its producer.

Participants must spin an arrow on a board, which will reveal the name of a food product and tell them which foot or hand they must place on the mat. So for example, if the spinner lands on milk, the participant must place their hand or foot on a dairy cow.

To add some extra fun to the game, there are also images of ‘cowpats’ scattered on the mat, which participants may have to put their hand in if the spinner lands on one.  

The pilot game, which was sponsored by the Rural Youth Trust, was taken to the CLA Game Fair to test on visitors to the stand and received a positive response.

Youth Forum member Holly Finelay from Newbury YFC in Berkshire joined members on the stand on the Sunday.

“The response to the game has been really good. Some people have made some comments on it – such as wanting the mat to be bigger - so it has been a good place to test it here at the CLA Game Fair. It’s very educational and people are enjoying playing on it.”

NFYFC was at the show for three days promoting Young Farmers’ Clubs to visitors and showcasing the game. Youth Forum member Helen Bellew, from Devon FYFC, helped out on the NFYFC stand for three days and thought being there was a good way to promote Young Farmers' Clubs.

“It’s definitely worth us being at the CLA Game Fair as there are a lot of people from the countryside here who weren’t aware of Young Farmers’ Clubs,” said Helen. “We have been walking around the show handing out leaflets and we’ve had companies approach us who are interested in sponsoring the game too.”

This is the second show this summer where NFYFC have been promoting Young Farmers’ Clubs. The team joined the Livestock Event earlier in July as well to promote the Federation.

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Designed by Kevyn Williams