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22 August 2014

NFYFC members took part in a special consultation at Windsor Castle in July to discuss how to attract more young people into a career in farming.

The aim of the St George’s House Consultation, which is held annually on a topic related to food and farming, was to generate debate around the actions suggested in the Future of Farming report, compiled by David Fursdon last year.

Organisers wanted to test ideas against the views of younger people at the Consultation and gather views on how they regard the prospect of a career in agriculture.

Solutions to the topic ‘How to attract and support talented young people into the farming industry’ are essential because of the need for more skilled labour and tech savvy individuals to help meet the challenges of producing more food in a sustainable way during the 21st century. It is hoped that the views shared will help to develop solutions that will project the image of careers in agriculture to attract the talent which the farming sector needs.

NFYFC members joined in the discussion and involved Russell Carrington, Chairman of the AGRI Steering Group, NFYFC Vice Chairman Chris Manley, Warwickshire FYFC member Charlotte Johnston, Norfolk FYFC member Helen Reeve and Devon FYFC Vice Chair Caroline Trude. They were among more than 40 other young people and representatives from organisations and occupations connected with farming.

Russell said: “We met some really interesting people from different organisations and there was much value in networking and talking to others and building links for the future. We hope that some of the actions we discussed will take place as a result of the consultation.”

Some of the key discussion points included:

  • NFYFC’s report into a Farming Matching Service and the need for further funding to get it up and running.
  • A central industry website that would promote agricultural careers and training, as well as bring together all initiatives in one online location (such as Bright Crop, Fresh Start and so on).
  • A campaign to promote succession planning and encourage families to discuss this earlier.
  • NFYFC was asked to think of a fun competition to promote careers in the agricultural industry.
  • Peer to Peer networking and the need for a ‘buddy’ system. It was suggested NFYFC could host discussion groups around the country to help share experiences.
  • Improving professionalism in Agriculture and the possibility of creating chartered status for people working in the industry.
  • A finance scheme to allow young farmers to get a credit history.
  • St George’s House was founded in 1966 by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and the then Dean of Windsor, Robin Woods, as a place where people of influence and responsibility in every area of society can come together to explore and communicate their views and analysis of contemporary issues.

The Consultation Report is now available on the St George’s House website.


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