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Fun, Learning, and Achievement

27 August 2014

A sailing adventure with YFC Travel was the perfect way to spend a week on the open waves for 12 lucky members.

The sailing experience, organised by Tall Ships, was an exclusive opportunity for members under 18 years old and involved travelling from Portsmouth to Cowes on the Isle of Wight, Poole, the Channel Islands, Alderney, Sark, Guernsey and Lymington.

YFC sailors enjoyed glorious sunshine on board the Challenger 2 and got involved in all sorts of activities to learn more about sailing.

Louise Cowdy from Market Bosworth YFC was one of the leaders on the trip and said she had a fantastic time.

“I had never sailed before and we learnt on the job. It was really informative and everyone got on really well.”

The crew got chance to explore different locations and had some enjoyable days and nights out together.

“We had to go on a dinghy to reach the shore when we got off to see places. It made you feel like you could be anywhere! I think some of the nights that were more fun were when we were moored at sea,” said Louise.

The week definitely tested everyone’s patience, as their living space was very small – despite being surrounded by vast amounts of water!

“It was very comfy but you couldn't get away from anyone,” explained Louise. “I made friends with everyone though – they were all so chatty and friendly.”

As a leader, Louise was responsible for organising consent forms and supporting younger members.

“It’s such a great experience. The other programmes are great but being a leader has built up so many skills, which are vital for jobs and for learning about something new. I absolutely recommend this trip, you have such a good laugh and we learnt a lot from the company too.”

The Tall Ships sailing experience is running again in 2015 from 18-25 July. There are 10 spaces available and two leader positions. Find out more information about the trip.


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