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06 November 2014

As the deadline looms for Young Farmers to submit their applications for next year's travel programme, NFYFC are to host a YFC Travel discussion on Twitter.

The Twitter chat will take place from 8pm - 9pm on Wednesday 12th November. It is aimed at people who are thinking of applying for trips next year but are not quite sure what they are letting themselves in for.

The idea for a forum came during the Personal Development Steering Group meeting at Council Weekend. NFYFC held a similar forum last year, with 25 people taking part, including members from Junior Farmers’ Association of Canada.

Members who have previously travelled on the YFC Travel programme are being encouraged to share their experiences and answer any questions for any hesitant applicants.

If you are on Twitter, you can join in on the conversation and share some of your own travel experiences by using #yfctravel.

The deadline for applications to reach the YFC Centre is Friday 14th November.

04 November 2014

NFYFC is calling upon its members to come up with a new slogan to promote Young Farmers.

Following October's Council Weekend, the Events & Marketing Steering Group agreed to replace 'Young Farmers Do It In Wellies' with a new slogan that represents what being a Young Farmer is all about and encourages more young people to join.

The winning slogan will feature on a new car sticker, which will be sold at the YFC club shop in 2015.

David Maidment, Chairman of the E&M Steering Group, said: “The group decided that, while the current slogan has been coupled with Young Farmers for many years, it does not necessarily represent what being a Young Farmer is all about. Therefore, we are putting it to our members to come up with a new slogan that really characterises life as a Young Farmer and shows how inclusive and welcoming we are as a Federation. We are looking for a slogan that’s no more than 10 characters long, catchy, witty and, of course, clean!” 

The Events & Marketing Steering Group will choose their three favourite slogans at the next Council Meeting in February, which will then go on a website poll for its members to decide.

The winning slogan will be announced at the National AGM in Torquay on Sunday 26th April.

To enter the competition, simply email your suggestion, with your name and club to


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