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12 November 2014

Agriculture experts at NatWest have teamed up with NFYFC to deliver business specific training to budding farmers and entrepreneurs.

The training, which will be delivered across the UK, will cover basic skills in business management from making a business plan, cash management and tenancy training.

Ian Burrow, head of Agriculture at NatWest and RBS said: “We have long been a proud supporter of the NFYFC delivering a number of events and support to young farmers across the country.

“This new training programme will arm young farmers with the skills they need to set up, run and maintain successful agricultural businesses which make such a huge contribution to the UK – and global – economy.”

Young Farmers will be able to take part in specialist Tenancy Training, run in collaboration with Savills, looking at the process involved in becoming a tenant farmer and how best to prepare for a farm tenancy tender. 

New business start up training is also being introduced – helping YFC members to understand the importance of business planning, with specific emphasis on creating a business plan fit for purpose.

Members will also be able to take part in business management training demonstrating cash management and enterprise and entrepreneurship - skills they can demonstrate in running their own clubs and take on to running a business.

Joanne Wyles, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Officer at the NFYFC said: “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with NatWest in delivering this extended specialist training to our members. We hope this training provides them with the necessary skills to take on to their Young Farmers Clubs and in their personal and professional lives.”

NatWest is also supporting The Source, a bespoke guide aimed at YFC members who wish to set up and manage their Young Farmers’ Clubs.

For further information about all of the latest training courses on offer, please head over to the Courses page. 


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