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21 November 2014

The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs (NFYFC) has received a welcome boost to its Agricultural Education programme, thanks to generous sponsorship from the Elizabeth Creak Trust.

The Trust has agreed a £25,000 sponsorship deal with the federation to fund its agricultural education programme.

Elizabeth Creak was a former High Sheriff of Warwickshire who previously ran one of the county’s largest dairy farms. She was also the first female chairman of the Warwickshire branch of the NFU. Before she passed away in October 2013, she set up the Elizabeth Creak Trust to support and encourage new blood in farming and finance projects to help farmers survive and ultimately thrive in their challenging modern environment.

James Eckley, Chief Officer for NFYFC, said: "Promoting education to our members is our core role. The importance of agricultural education can be seen throughout our work, from the more obvious agricultural training courses to our travel programmes and competitions.

"The Elizabeth Creak Trust share our vision in helping Young Farmers learn the latest tricks of the trade and new developments in the world of agriculture. Needless to say, we are incredibly grateful to the Trust for their incredibly generous donation."

NFYFC members have been able to take advantage of a variety of agricultural training programmes in 2014, including Meat for the Market and Grassland and Soils Training. Dozens of Young Farmers have also taken part in Study Tours to Holland and Scotland.

Tenancy training, succession, business start-up and entrepreneurship are just a selection of some areas that Young Farmers will be able to learn about in 2015. 

Robin Ogg, trustee with the Elizabeth Creak Trust, said: "The Trust is delighted to be able to support the NFYFC as it helps to develop farmers of the future and the future of farming as a whole. For us, it is very encouraging to see and hear about Young Farmers learning about the latest industry practices. These people really are the future of the industry and it only seemed appropriate that we should support them in this way."

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