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19 December 2014

Young Farmers are being encouraged to support a tractor and trailer run, organised by the Energy Now Expo, to raise money for Forage Aid.

Young Farmers Clubs are being asked to help out with the drive, which will take place 12 months after the Somerset flooding crisis. 

The run aims to raise over £10,000 for Forage Aid – and is being planned for early February next year. Young farmers are already supporting the event, doing the bulk of the driving on the 170-mile trip, come rain or shine.  

The route for the fundraising tractor and trailer run has been finalised and will go through the counties of Somerset, Avon, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire. The rural route will start from Sedgemoor and end in Telford on February 11, the opening day of the Energy Now Expo. Cheques and pledges will be picked up en route, with a series of stops being planned at key renewable energy companies who are based along the way.

Clubs and counties across the country played a pivotal role in coming to the aid of Somerset during the flooding back in February and they are being encouraged to show their support once again.

“Young Farmers are already getting behind the drive,” says Essex County Chairman Ed Ford.  “They are keen to see funds raised for Forage Aid, and while there is still some final planning to do, we will soon be at the point where we can announce the route, and some of the drivers who will be taking part.” 

“There’s a definite need for a fundraising event that will put money in the bank for Forage Aid,” says event director, David Jacobmeyer.  “We saw the wonderful work this team did last year, and are delighted to be working with them in starting something very exciting that will really support farmers in the future.”

Forage Aid was set up by Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward (pictured right). Anthony said that is not just about providing feed for stock.

“We want to be ready to help in any emergency,” he says.  “We have proved what a handful of farmers spread across the country can pull together in a time of crisis – now we need to step up another gear and offer a service where immediate aid can be co-ordinated when there’s a natural disaster.”

“It’s a reality that access to funding can sometimes take months, and that rural areas and people suffer while paperwork is being processed.  Our aim is to step in quickly and help when necessary.”

Some of the first funds raised will be used to develop a Forage Aid website that will allow pledges to be taken on line, and manage some of the significant logistics involved with a national crisis.

With approximately 12 stops planned en route – at both existing renewable energy schemes and places of work – these companies will be challenged to raise a sum of money each to swell the Forage Aid coffers.  Activities to raise the funds will be left to individual businesses to plan, and it’s hoped that many of the Energy Now exhibitors will dig deep to add to the funds.

To register for the Energy Now Expo, the renewable energy event behind the fund-raising drive, visit  or call 01293 854405.


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