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16 January 2015

NFYFC Council Members will decide 2015’s Vice Chairs at the Federation’s Council weekend in February.

Nominations for this year’s Officers of the NFYFC Council closed this morning (Friday 16th January), with current vice chair, Hannah Talbot of Worcestershire YFC (pictured right), running unopposed as the NFYFC Chair of Council. However, three candidates have been put forward for the two vice chair posts available, meaning that the Council will have the casting vote.

Current vice chair, Chris Manley (left), will run alongside David Hamer, chair of the Competitions Steering Group (centre), and Jess Townson, Northern Area YFC Chair (right).


Two members of Council will put forward cases for each of the nominees at the Council weekend, culminating in a vote by the Council for the two new Vice Chairs.

James Eckley, Chief Officer of NFYFC, said: “Following last year’s elections, where all of the nominees ran unopposed, it’s exciting to think that we will have an election for the two vice chair positions. Democracy is at the heart of our Federation and it is only right that they decide which direction the NFYFC goes.

“It’s encouraging to see that out members want to hold office at NFYFC level and help shape the future of the federation. We look forward to hearing each of the cases for the candidates and we wish them all the very best of luck.”

The NFYFC Council will decide the new vice chairs at their meeting on Sunday 23rd February, the day after the new Steering Group Chairs are announced. You can keep up-to-date with all of the news from the Council meeting by following @NFYFC on Twitter.


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