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27 February 2015

Putting Young Farmers’ Clubs firmly at the heart of their local communities is one of the 2015 priorities of NFYFC’s new top team in a bid to fortify the 80-year old organisation.

Members elected a new leadership team at the Council meeting in February and they have promised to strengthen the organisation in what is set to be a challenging year.

Hannah Talbot from Cutnall Green YFC in Worcestershire was voted in as the new Chair of Council by members following two years in the Vice Chair’s position. Chris Manley from Culm Valley YFC in Devon was re-elected as Vice Chair for a second year while Jessica Townson from Bolton by Bowland YFC in Lancashire stepped into the role for the first time. 

The trio will face tough financial challenges this year as the organisation develops new income streams and ways of working.

During her year as Chair, Hannah wants to reinvigorate the organisation to make it more relevant to rural young people today and drive up the membership numbers. She also wants to celebrate what is great about YFCs and the essential role they play in their local communities.

Hannah said: “I’m honoured to be leading an organisation that has so many members and offers such diverse opportunities. Young Farmers’ Clubs do so much work to support their local communities – not only by raising money for charities but also by being a vital social link for rural young people.

 “The membership will have some big decisions to make this year to strengthen the organisation but everyone on the Council team is so passionate and enthusiastic that I know we will be able to create a positive future for more Young Farmers.”

One of the ways Hannah hopes to unite clubs across England and Wales is by involving them in the Birmingham Half Marathon in October. All members taking part are invited to raise money for their local causes and it is hoped the fundraisers – nicknamed Hannah’s Dashers – will demonstrate how much money YFCs can raise for local charities.

More than 100 members gathered in Coventry to pass motions that affect the running of the organisation and to elect the new Council. Stepping down from her post as Chair, which she took on in November 2013, Claire Worden said her highlights were launching the Rural+ campaign and working with a fantastic group of people. 

“Working together with a number of organisations – especially The Farming Community Network (FCN) and YoungMinds – Rural+ has helped to raise awareness about the mental health issues that can affect rural young people. Thank you to every single Council member, every member that I have spoken to this year and every County I have visited. It has been an exceptional year, and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Chris Manley, who was re-elected as Vice Chair, has already put his hat into the ring to be considered for the 2016 Chairmanship. He said: “I would be honoured to stand as Chair in 2016. I think the two-year lead in is essential as you get to learn from a lot of experienced people. I want to support Hannah this year and then hopefully I can run for Chairman in 2016 to continue to make NFYFC the number one rural youth organisation.”

As well as the elections, the Council also approved proposals, including:

  • The 2015 line up for the Annual Convention
  • A motion for an increase in the national levy to be taken to the Annual General Meeting
  • The YFC Ski trip will be hosted in Les Arcs in 2016 from 9-16 January

Five steering groups represent the views of the members and include: Competitions; Events and Marketing; Personal Development; the Youth Forum and Agriculture and Rural Issues. Rules for 2015/16 competitions.

The team will be charged with leading on the overall policy for the Federation, continuing the development and leadership of YFCs to meet the needs of its members and developing the status and image of YFC to the outside world.

Steering Group Chair and Vice Chair elections:

Mark Curr (Cumbria)
Vice Chair:
Matt Tomkins (Worcestershire)

Events and Marketing
Chair: Katie Davies (Pembrokeshire)
Vice Chair: Caroline Baker (County Durham)

Personal Development
Chair: Toby France (Warwickshire)
Vice Chair: Mark Hurst (Cumbria)

Agriculture and Rural Issues
Chair: Lynsey Martin (Kent)
Vice Chair: Sam Dilcock (Lancashire)

Youth Forum
Chair: Danielle McNulty (Gloucestershire)
Vice Chair: Amy Swinbank (Cumbria)

The full report from Council is available online in the members area


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