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06 August 2015

British Food Fortnight is back and will be taking place from 19th September - 4th October and the organisers are keen for YFC members to get involved and champion British produce.

Click here for more information about British Food Fortnight and how your club can get involved.

03 August 2015

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) acknowledges the extremely difficult circumstances that dairy farmers currently find themselves in. With the current global supply of milk substantially outweighing the demand, supermarkets are able to sell milk at lower prices, which currently has a knock-on effect to the supplier. This situation means that dairy farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to recover their production costs.

It is clear that this situation needs remedying and the NFYFC is fully dedicated in its support to the dairy industry.

Many young people are passionate about this topic and individuals are taking it upon themselves to participate in protests across the UK. We support their right to do so, as long as the protests are peaceful, law-abiding and do not tarnish the reputation of the farming industry. But from speaking to our members, we also believe that we must work together to help resolve the situation.

A petition has recently been launched calling on the government to introduce minimum prices that suppliers receive for their milk. 10,000 signatures will lead to the government responding to the petition and 100,000 signatures will trigger a debate in Parliament. The NFYFC believes that this is a proactive and unified way of calling for change and, as such, the Federation will be actively encouraging all of its members to sign this petition and inspire their friends and family to do the same.

To sign, this petition click here:


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