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22 October 2015

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) is preparing to celebrate a week dedicated to its members and encouraging young people to join their local club.

The first ever “National Young Farmers’ Week” will take place between 2nd and 8th November. Each weekday during “National Young Farmers’ Week” will consist of a theme relating to the opportunities available to all 25,000 of its members.

The week is part of a larger national campaign to try and encourage young people living in rural areas to join their local club – even if they are not from a farming or agricultural background.

One member who has benefited greatly from being a YFC member, despite having no experience in farming, is Jess Roche from Dunmow YFC in Essex.

Jess, who is currently studying law at Durham University, said: "If someone was to make an assumption about a Young Farmer stereotype, I guess I would be pretty far removed from it. I grew up in London I have no farming connections whatsoever. One of my friends wanted to go along and convinced me to join her for a meeting. I was pretty sceptical as what did I know about farming? However, I've never met a bunch of people who are so welcoming and made me feel so included.

"I'm very passionate about trying to encourage non farmers to join the federation as I've got an unbelievable amount out of being a member. It's helped me get into a top university as well as getting a job due to the valuable experiences and lessons I've learnt through participating in YFC activities.”

You can read more about Jess’ experiences as a Young Farmer by visiting For more information about National Young Farmers’ Week, please visit


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