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30 October 2015

Following their exclusive interview in Ten26, check out Scott Mills' and Chris Stark's full interview with us about why they have become ambassadors of NFYFC: 

Q. Why did you want to be YFC ambassadors?

Scott: I have played Young Farmers’ gigs for a very long time, even from when I started at Radio 1. I think Harper Adams was the first gig I did, which Chris and me still do to this day. I think our show lends itself to that time of day where we get a lot of interaction from Young Farmers because they’re generally on their own and they have a lot of time while working hard to listen to the radio. Unlike other people, who perhaps dip in and out of the show, they can properly listen and get involved. It’s generally a solitary thing that they’re doing and that’s what radio is all about for me. It’s a one-to-one thing, people don’t generally listen to the radio in crowds of people. It’s part of your routine knowing we’re on the radio at a certain time of the day and that becomes part of your daily life and that’s why I got into radio in the first place. It’s quite a personal medium between a listener and a presenter. 

Chris: When I started at Radio 1 I didn’t really know about Young Farmers. When I did my first Young Farmers’ gig I was amazed by it – it was such a good night. The more I have learnt about Young Farmers on Radio 1, I really appreciate that there’s a massive amount of them in the UK who work very, very hard. It is incredible what they do for British farming and it’s great for us to be part of their daily lives with the time that the show is on. They’re a large group of young people who love Radio 1 and I feel that Scott and me are in a position to recognise that and give something back.

The first gig I did was either at the Burwarton Show or with Dereham YFC and I thought it was the strangest thing to turn up to a field in the middle of nowhere. I was absolutely convinced there was going to be no one there. But there was a field full of a thousand Young Farmers having the best time. That’s why I admire Young Farmers, because they work really hard but then they play hard as well and I have a lot of respect for that kind of lifestyle.

Q. Have you had much experience of Young Farmers?

Scott: We live and work in London so often we get to a gig an hour or so before and the members will often show us around and make us feel included. They want to show you what their lives are like so we have got a good feel for it from that.

Chris: Due to the amount of gigs we have done with Young Farmers, we have got more and more of them involved in the show. They send in a lot of stories – we get loads and there are a lot we don’t end up talking about on air. We get a lot of emails and tweets from Young Farmers so we feel like we’re learning all the time about this community of people that we want to support. We’ve started to see more of the issues that affect farmers, especially at the moment, and because of the level of communication we have with Young Farmers, we feel we are in a position to be able to help them a little bit.

Q. Do you wish you were still young enough to join YFC?

Scott: Yes, I’m an old farmer! We even did a song recently for Young Farmers reworking the Avicii song and that got a massive response from people. It’s a community I didn’t know much about. You do a gig like the AGM and they’re a massive part of our audience – the same as students or people at school. We should be representing Young Farmers and because we mention them on the show we naturally have an affinity with them now.

Young Farmers’ gigs are the best because they work so hard. We know that for a lot of people they save up all year and the AGM is their actual holiday and they go crazy! That’s the difference between some of the student gigs we might do because you get the feeling they’re out for a big night and you get a good atmosphere from it. It’s very rare you’ll have a bad Young Farmers’ gig.

Before we did it, I don’t think Radio 1 talked about Young Farmers much before. That’s purely because we’ve been to these gigs and seen how many of them there are and what avid listeners they are to our shows.

Chris: Young Farmers’ gigs are the best. What I see at these YFs gigs is what I would like to be a part of so it’s great DJing at them – they seem like amazing nights out. Everyone is generally really positive and friendly. It’s a fun night to go there and have a few drinks and talk to people as well as DJ. People are so enthusiastic. Young Farmers really show it when they like a DJ – they make you feel so welcome. The reception you get when you walk out at a Young Farmers’ gig is like no other because they want to support you. That’s such a warm and lovely feeling.

Q.  During National Young Farmers Week, we’re trying to attract more young people to join who are not necessarily from a farming background. How can our clubs do that?

Chris: We are those people. Encouraging people to join this amazing community that aren’t necessarily working in the fields is an amazing thing, as that is basically what Scott and me are hoping to represent. We have the upmost respect for Young Farmers and we just want to be part of the Club really. We want to support them. It’s in our interest as a lot of them are providing the food that ends up on our plate. It’s great for us to support as non-farmers and we want to encourage other people similar to us, who maybe didn’t even know about NFYFC. 

Q. What can YFCs learn from your show about appealing to a wide range of ages?

Scott: We try to do stuff that makes us laugh and we test it on other members of the team to check you could enjoy it if you were 10 or 26, or older. For our show it’s keeping the appeal quite broad and making sure it will make a lot of people laugh. Even though it’s aimed at a young audience, it’s not meant to feel exclusive so if you’re 10 you wouldn’t feel left out or if you were in your late 20s.

Chris: Young Farmers are already doing a lot of the right stuff. They are constantly communicating with our show now. Young Farmers have amazing resources – I would love a tractor and a field to play around with on the show. We could make some amazing videos with that. This is where Scott and me can help as we want people to get in touch with the show and express themselves in any creative way they like. If you’re not sure where to send that stuff, send it to us and we can be talking about it. There is a lot of stuff that Young Farmers are making – such as videos – and they’re hidden on their Facebook accounts. There are more ways they can get that out there a bit more.

During National Young Farmers’ Week, represent what you love about farming. Young Farmers are very proud people and that’s why they work hard – and often for little reward. It’s important that they represent their passion and their lives through the fun and creative stuff they can do. In that one week, they should focus on what makes them really proud about being a Young Farmer, about being a British farmer, and use it as a time to show it off.

Scott: It’s fascinating for us because it’s not our lives. And we’re not doing that in a ‘ooo aren’t they funny in their fields..’ it’s done with a lot of love and fascination about people’s lives as it’s not a life that we lead. There are dating sites for Farmers that we’ve only just discovered!

I would say that they need to make the week fun and get a message across. We’re aware of how hard they work – but they also know how to let their hair down a lot, which is good.

Q, Which of these YFC Competitions would you enter and why?

Ballroom dancing

Cake decorating

Tug of War

Ultimate Frisbee

Fence Erecting

Dairy Stockjudging

Scott: Maybe I could put my Ballroom shows on again – I still have them. I do point out when people are doing bad footwork now (even though I can’t do it).

Chris: There’s a TV show in that Fence Erecting…Mills knows Simon Cowell, we should get him on to that – Fence Factor! A Radio 1 Tug of War would be one of the most pathetic things you’d ever see. I’m uber competitive though so I think Id like to give the Tug of War a go – and I would give everything to it.

Q. One of next year’s competitions is a to produce a live radio show – any tips for our YFCs?

Scott: They should include as much about their lives as possible and don’t try and make it sound like a radio show you’ve heard before. Make it sound bespoke to that community would be my tip rather than just copy what you’ve heard on the radio or things you like. Make it based around what you do in your every day lives and that could be quite fun.

Chris: I would go for a different tack. I think they should go full on Five Live commentary on the Fence Erecting competition and make it sound like it’s the Champions League Final. 

Q. Any examples of live on air flops?

Chris: Just type my name in on Google and you will see them all. Mills holds it together. Most of the stuff that Scott gets me to do is embarrassing. Scott teamed up with Jennifer Aniston and told her to be really horrible and awkward. When Scott appeared half way through I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. I realised then that he’d stitched me up. I still need to get him back for that. That’s something I would like Young Farmers everywhere to help me with – how to stitch Scott up.

Scott: Chris’ interview with Mila Kunis is a prime example of when things go wrong, people love it.

Scott and Chris have set up their very own Facebook and Twitter pages to help champion the amazing work that our members do. Check out "YOFO - You Only Farm Once" on Facebook and Twitter.


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