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05 November 2015

Today (5th November) is day 4 of “National Young Farmers’ Week” – a week celebrating all things Young Farmers.

As part of the NFYFC’s Recruitment & Retention campaign (sponsored by the Rural Youth Trust), each weekday of “National Young Farmers’ Week” consists of a theme relating to the amazing experiences and opportunities that come with being a YFC member.

Bonfire night is always a popular evening amongst our clubs across England and Wales and one of the reasons why people join their local club is because they have a “burning” desire to better themselves and pick up some new skills. And that is what today’s theme is all about - training and development.

NFYFC offers a huge range of training and development opportunities to help Young Farmers brush up their skills or learn something completely new that can help them as individuals, as well as their YFC. In recent years, NFYFC has developed some fantastic resources, such as The Curve and The Source to help members realise their full potential.

Just by taking on a role in the running of their club, members are automatically learning essential leadership and team working skills. This certainly applies to Richard Darlington of Butsfield YFC in County Durham.

Richard said: “If I had to put into words how Young Farmers has developed my skills in everyday life then I would have to write a book. Obviously the main skill that most young farmers would say they have learnt is the ability to socialise. Over the past two years I have learnt a great deal. Recently we have been organising fundraising events to raise money for our club building, as Butsfield is the one of the only clubs to own their own premises in the country. I have learnt about planning, communication, public speaking and organisation which in turn helped me organise my own life as I have taken on more responsibilities as I get older. Last year, I obtained a honours degree in Agriculture without any A-levels, which would not be possible without Young Farmers. 

“Because of the training I have received with Young Farmers, I am now Chairman of Butsfield YFC and very proud. I’m also an NFU county representative and have met people who I would never have been in contact with before, from land agents to electricians. If you have just joined Young Farmers or are thinking of joining and may be slightly shy, the best way to get involved is to compete in speaking competitions, as they give you skills that you will use forever.”

For further information about how YFC can help you with training and development, visit You can also read more about the NFYFC’s recruitment and retention campaign by visiting


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