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06 November 2015

Today (6th November) marks the final weekday of National Young Farmers’ Week.

As part of the NFYFC’s Recruitment & Retention campaign (sponsored by the Rural Youth Trust), each weekday of “National Young Farmers’ Week” consists of a theme relating to the amazing experiences and opportunities that come with being a YFC member.

This week, a lot of subjects have been discussed about why being a Young Farmer is so great. But for many YFC members, there is one significant reason why they sign up – for the pure enjoyment of being a Young Farmer. And that’s what today’s theme is all about – social and leisure.

For many young people, growing up in a rural area and spending many hours working on a farm can be a lonely experience. That is why YFCs, with their strong support networks, are so important to the well-being of young people in rural areas. Signing up as a YFC member gives those affected by rural isolation the chance to meet new people and take part in new and enjoyable social experiences.

YFC members are renowned for enjoying an active and dynamic social life. These can range from bowling nights with some close YFC friends, to the NFYFC’s Annual Convention, which sees over 5,000 Young Farmers from all over the country to get together for one almighty party.

One Young Farmer who has benefited from an improved social life as a result of signing up, is Matthew Tucker from Neath YFC in Glamorgan. Matthew said: “Before Young Farmers, I was heavily involved in motorsport and even centred my degree around it, which led to me leading a fairly busy life with little social time available. As I packed in the sport, I needed something to occupy my time. My best friend had been a part of YFC for many years so it seemed an obvious choice. Since then my social life has turned on it head completely!

“There is something to do every night of the week across the county if you wanted to. I don't think I have missed a club night since I have started and activities here range from the cinema to sports and outings in order to cater for the various age groups. I have also gained a large but close knit group of friends that I would not do without. I have only been in YFC for 3 years but I believe with an organisation such as this you can do and achieve so much in a short space of time.”

Next year’s NFYFC Annual Convention will take place at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool from 6th-8th May 2016. Tickets will be available to buy over the next couple of weeks. Head over to for further information. You can also read more about the NFYFC’s recruitment and retention campaign by visiting


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