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29 January 2016

Five Young Farmers from across the country have put themselves forward as nominees for the positions of NFYFC (National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs) national chair and vice-chair for 2016/17.

Chris Manley of Culm Valley YFC, Devon will be up against Jess Townson of Bolton-by-Bowland YFC, Lancashire for the position of national chair. Both candidates currently hold the two vice-chair positions within NFYFC, with Chris Manley having held the position for the last two years.

Meanwhile, Caroline Baker of Stockton YFC, County Durham, Ed Ford of Chelmsford YFC, Essex and Lynsey Martin of Ashford and District YFC, Kent will compete for the two vice-chair positions.

It will be the first time since November 2011 that NFYFC Council members will get to choose who they vote for as their new chairs of council. Since then, nominees for these positions have all run unopposed.

James Eckley, NFYFC Chief Officer, said: “Following the last three elections, it’s exciting to think that this year, Young Farmers will have a choice when they elect their new chairs and vice-chairs. Democracy is at the heart of our federation and it is only right that they decide who will lead the organisation as a senior officer of the NFYFC.

“It’s encouraging to see that our members want to hold office at NFYFC level and help shape the future of the federation. We look forward to hearing each of the cases for the candidates and we wish them all the very best of luck.”

NFYFC Council members will vote for their new chair and vice-chairs on Sunday 21st February. The result will be announced live on the @NFYFC Twitter page from approximately 10:30am.

Further information about each of the nominees is available on the Council webpage.

11 January 2016

The NFYFC was once again well represented at this year's Oxford Farming Conference, thanks to sponsorship from the Worshipful Company of Farmers. Every year, the company sponsors two Young Farmers to attend the conference as part of their aim to help stimulate the development of agricultural education and understanding.

The conference, one of the biggest agricultural events in the year, sees some of the most high-profile representatives within agriculture meet up to discuss the future of the industry.

Ben Cavill of Cornwall FYFC and Ben Robinson of Hampshire FYFC were the two recipients of this year's sponsorships.

Entrepreneurialism was the key subject at this year's conference. The 2016 OFC report said that UK farming is less entrepreneurial than many other industries, but those farmers who are entrepreneurs tend to be more successful. The report also says that entrepreneurialism can be learned and drives farmers to increased profitability.

The conference saw a very lively debate about the future of British farming were Britain to leave the EU - a subject which will be further discussed at this year's AGRI Forum in Blackpool.

There was further good news during this year's debate at the Oxford Union, as NFYFC AGRI Steering Group Chair, Lynsey Martin, won the scholars contribution prize during the debate, titled "This house believes that agriculture is an equal opportunities industry".

"Inform, Challenge, Inspire - three strong words encapsulating the conference vision and three words that describe the experience for me" said Ben Cavill. "The range of industry speakers, MPs and grass root farmers highlighted a number of issues affecting UK agriculture that before now I had little understanding of - all of which affect me and will impact on my future in the industry.

"One of the most notable and inspiring things for me was that despite all of the issues facing the industry at the moment, every person in the room was prepared to unite and fight for a successful future for the agricultural industry. I hope to put a large amount of what I have learnt at the conference into practise in both my work at university over the coming months and indeed wherever possible in the future. This would not have been achievable without the support of the Worshipful Company of Farmers."  

Ben Robinson said: "Attending the OFC was an amazing opportunity to interact with some of the leading people in UK agriculture. I learnt a huge amount from international speakers with a deep knowledge of their fields. The OFC has given me the drive to go further within agriculture; the Number 1 manufacturing industry in the world."

You can read more about this year's Oxford Farming Conference by clicking here



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