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22 February 2016

Chris Manley outlined his plans for the future of Young Farmers after being elected chairman of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC). Chris, of Culm Valley YFC in Devon, was elected by members of NFYFC’s national Council on Sunday (21st February) ahead of fellow-nominee, Jess Townson.

Chris will be deputised over the next 12 months by his newly-elected vice-chairs: Lynsey Martin of Ashford & District YFC in Kent and Ed Ford of Chelmsford YFC in Essex.

Having previously served two years as vice-chair of NFYFC, Chris plans to raise the profile of Young Farmers with various initiatives, including a blood-donation campaign.

Chris said: “The blood donation campaign is one that will relate to most members. It doesn’t cost any money but it has the potential to make a huge amount of difference to local communities, it is very linked to farm safety and doing good things like this in the local community will help to put Young Farmers on the map. 

“Alongside that, I’ve thought about how we can all learn from each County and Club and we’re going to refresh the Club Exchange. Throughout the summer months you’ll see a number of Clubs moving around the country, having a lot of enjoyment and seeing some farms, seeing some points of interest and that will only help to make Young Farmers even stronger.”

“I think the members can have confidence that we will do a really good job together. We’re a very approachable group and I’d like all the members to know that if they see us, they can come and say hello because we’re always eager to hear what they have to say and the chances are that they will have a golden nugget of an idea that we haven’t thought of that might improve things.”

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02 February 2016

Youth Forum members took to the Isle of Wight in January for this year’s Youth Forum Residential Weekend.

As well as fun team building events such as a farm trip and a hair raising ride on a zip wire, the members got down to some serious business, thrashing out ideas on how younger members can get their voices heard.

During the weekend, Amy McWhirter of Longridge YFC, Lancashire was elected as the Youth Forum’s new national chair for 2016/17, with Cumbria YFC’s Alice Longmire elected as vice-chair.

Amy (pictured right) said: “The Youth Forum has many plans for the next 12 months. For example, we will be continuing with the progression of the Watch that Cow Pat Game. Each area now has a game that all Clubs will be able to use to promote Young Farmers at their local shows and other activities in the area.

“We would like every County to use the game at least once throughout the year as it has taken a lot of hard work from all the Youth Forum members past and present.

“I am looking forward to continuing the good relationship the forum has with the Farm Safety Foundation. Some of our members will be attending Farm Safety days throughout the year in support of the Yellow Wellies campaign. We will also be attending some shows throughout the year.”

She added: “I am extremely proud to be the National Youth Forum Chair for 2016. I am keen to get all the Youth Forum members involved with the different events and meetings and I believe that every member has something to give to the forum.

“I want to make sure that all the members under the age of 20 have a voice at National level and that all their opinions are heard.”

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