National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

02 March 2016

NFYFC is conscious of its responsibility to respect the differing views of YFC members aged 10 to 26. The organisation cannot endorse a march that it has not had any part in organising but respects the purpose of the march and the decision of any member who wishes to participate.

It was discussed and agreed by the NFYFC Council to share the details and purpose of the march as requested by the Farmers for Action (FFA). The NFYFC Council agreed that YFC members are free to decide if they take part in the march, and also to be aware of the following:

  • Principles of young farmers – hard-working stewards of the countryside who wish to be paid fairly for their work
  • The importance of education and business acumen
  • The need to help educate our consumers and retailers on the quality and value of our produce
  • The opportunity of being an ambassador for farming and the YFC
  • The need for compliance with the law regarding march restrictions announced. Visit for information
  • Exemplary behaviour to promote key messages in the best possible way


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