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14 March 2016

Members of Cornwall FYFC are once again preparing for another gruelling fundraising challenge ahead of this year's NFYFC Annual Convention in Blackpool.

Every year, a group of Young Farmers from the county federation, called the "WotNot", take on a daunting method of travel to get to the Annual Convention in an attempt to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

This year's challenge has been organised by Cornwall's county chairman, Georgina Monk, and will see 25 "WotNotters" don their bike helmets and cycle over 350 miles to Blackpool in just six days. The challenge has been dubbed "Monkey's Magical Mystery Tour" and will raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support, a Charity that is very close to Georgina's heart.

Georgina said: "My Granny died of cancer three years ago and she was looked after in her final months by MacMillan Cancer nurses which, being 400 miles away, meant that we felt better that she was in safe hands. They also helped my Granddad deal with everything. Cancer affects so many people, and is an illness that has directly or indirectly affected everyone. In doing this challenge, we would like to raise money to make sure that these nurses are available to deliver the care that their patients and affected family member needs."

"Monkey's Magical Mystery Tour" will begin at the National Agricultural Centre, in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. The team will then head up to Scarborough, the home of Georgina's grandfather, before heading across the country to Blackpool. The team are aiming to arrive during registration at the Winter Gardens on Friday 6th May.

Georgina is hoping to raise £5,000 from this challenge. To make a donation, please visit the "WotNot" JustGiving page, or text CYFC37 £10 (or £1, £3, £5) to 70070.

You can follow the team's progress on social media by using the hashtag #WOTNOT2016.

10 March 2016

Members of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) can put their innovation skills to the test, with a new farm machine design competition. The “Dream Machine” competition, in conjunction with Kuhn Farm Machinery, will see Young Farmers submit an idea or concept of a new farm machine that could be used in the agricultural industry.

The four winning YFC members will win an all-expenses-paid trip to Kuhn’s headquarters in Saverne France. As part of the trip, they will have the opportunity to present their “Dream Machine” concepts to the company’s head designers.

This competition underlines Kuhn’s continued partnership with the NFYFC and the company’s dedication to the future of farming and agriculture.

Sian Pritchard, managing director of Kuhn Farm Machinery (UK), said: “Since Kuhn began its partnership with NFYFC, we have been really impressed by the levels of innovation and creativity that we have witnessed from the members. These attributes are vital in ensuring that the agricultural industry remains sustainable in the future. This competition is a great opportunity for Young Farmers to showcase that creativity and demonstrate how innovative they truly are. We are very much looking forward to seeing the designs these Young Farmers come up with.”

The deadline for competition entries is Thursday 31st March 2016 and the winners will be announced at the NFYFC’s AGRI Forum (on 7th May) at the Annual Convention in Blackpool. For further information and details of how to enter the “Dream Machine” competition, please visit

04 March 2016

The third Farmers Apprentice competition is open and ready for entries. We are looking for bright, enthusiastic and highly motivated 18-25 year olds able to show their potential to run a successful business.

You don’t need to have a farming background, but you will need to be free from 10-15 July to take part in bootcamp and available to take up a one-year internship with Farmcare sometime afterwards. Here are five compelling reasons why you should enter NOW at

1.         The prize

This is your fast track to becoming a farm manager!

The winner of this year’s Farmer Apprentice has a one-year internship with Farmcare, one of Britain’s biggest farming operations. They will receive mentoring and training across the whole of Farmcare’s operations which span 16,000ha from Carnoustie to Kent. 

This is a chance in a lifetime to learn about the whole field to fork operation with one of UK’s leading farm businesses; experience and skills that can be applied to almost any food or farming business.

2.         The bootcamp experience

You’ll need plenty of energy and enthusiasm to last the 6 days and nights of full-on `fun’ at bootcamp. Bishop Burton, just outside Hull, is the setting for challenges that will test your problem solving, leadership and team working skills to name but a few. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone and you’ll come away exhausted, but inspired, and energised to tackle your dreams.

Here’s what previous contenders said of Bootcamp:

“Bootcamp was life-changing, no seriously it fuels the fire.” Richard Bradley

“Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus!!!  Great experience, huge learning curve revealing things you never knew about yourself.” Annabelle Story

“Eye-opening, enriching and valuable… an experience I will never forget.” Charlotte Foxhall

“The best week of my life, honestly.” Sophie Barnes

And if you still need convincing have a look at this taster of life at Bootcamp.

3.         Your CV

This is an opportunity, whether you win or not, to make your CV stand out. It’s worked for all the other 20 contenders so far and it should work for you too.

Whether applying for a job, internship or work experience having a week at Farmers Apprentice Bootcamp is unique. It’s your personal brand image that you are building – and the evidence is all on film!

“After winning Farmers Apprentice in 2012, a farmer in Cumbria tweeted me saying to pop in and say hello, I took him up on this and now he is my current boss!”

George Brown, Dairy Herd Manager, Cairnhead Farm in Ainstable, Cumbria.

“I can say for sure that being a 2014 finalist has helped to improve my CV, and helped me to get my placement with Genus!”

Rebecca Kelsall, Harper Adams University.

“When I applied for a job with Bayer, some of the people that were interviewing me had already seen me on Farmers Apprentice. It gave me a foot in the door and was a great ice-breaker.”

Catherine Barrett, Commercial Technical Advisor, Bayer CropScience.

“It has done a great deal to make my CV stand out as a candidate for new positions, this is something that employers have actually told me.”

Kate Yells, Royal Agricultural University.

4.         The contacts you will make

It’s the people you and meet and know who shape your future. At FA bootcamp you will have access to some key industry influencers that can support you in your future career – be they the sponsors (Bayer, New Holland, Farmcare, The Co-op and Bishop Burton) or the judges and experts involved in testing and mentoring you.

Equally important are your fellow Farmers Apprentice contenders; these are life-long friends in the making. Despite the `competitive’ element of this week, there is a camaraderie and shared ambition that will bind you all.

“I met a recruiter at Bootcamp and got a job as a Ruminant Nutritionist on the back of Farmers Apprentice 2014!”

Carwyn Jones, Account Manager, For Farmers

5.         Fun

There are a lot of laughs and not just those that are at your expense! Trying not swear in front of the camera brings an added stress level, but it’s amazing what the film editor can do.

“My fondest memories of Bootcamp include lifetime friends, lessons learnt, brilliant mentors and a lot of laughter,”

Rebecca Thorpe, Newcastle Waters Station, Northern Territory, Australia

Article written by Debbie Beaton - Farmers Weekly.

03 March 2016

The NFYFC is calling on all of its clubs and county federations to show their love for their community by taking part in the “Countryside Challenge”.

In December, The NFYFC received funding from the Cabinet Office and Pears Foundation to progress the work of Youth Social Action. As such, the Federation is now looking to support five community projects per quarter until the summer of 2017. This will be done by providing tools, resources and training to get them started, as well as offering an amount of enabling money. 

One project that clubs are being encouraged to get involved with is “Clean for the Queen”. This is a campaign to clean up Britain in preparation for the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, patron of NFYFC.

Mark Hurst, chairman of the NFYFC’s Personal Development steering group, said: “The Countryside Challenge is an opportunity for YFC members to provide a service to help their local community. This could be helping elderly people within the area or launching a project that meets the needs of the local community. 

“We are calling on all of our YFCs to join with their local council and 'Clean for the Queen'. This campaign is perfect for Young Farmers as not only will it help their local community, but it will help with the celebrations of the patron of their Federation.”

For more information about the Countryside Challenge, please speak to NFYFC’s youth development officer, Cath Sykes. Information about the “Clean for the Queen” campaign can be found at:

03 March 2016

The NFYFC's Board of Management has today published full details of its long-term development strategy - entitled "Looking to the Future".

The document highlights the structure of the NFYFC and where it is now, as well as explaining the values of NFYFC and its six themes of development for the future.

The plan also includes the NFYFC's mission and vision statement.

Click here to download the full development plan. A PowerPoint presentation of the plan is also available here.

The Board of Management is very keen to get feedback from YFC members and county staff about the plan before it is next presented to NFYFC Council on Sunday 21st February. To give your thoughts on the development plan, simply complete this survey. This survey will close on Sunday 13th March.


02 March 2016

NFYFC is conscious of its responsibility to respect the differing views of YFC members aged 10 to 26. The organisation cannot endorse a march that it has not had any part in organising but respects the purpose of the march and the decision of any member who wishes to participate.

It was discussed and agreed by the NFYFC Council to share the details and purpose of the march as requested by the Farmers for Action (FFA). The NFYFC Council agreed that YFC members are free to decide if they take part in the march, and also to be aware of the following:

  • Principles of young farmers – hard-working stewards of the countryside who wish to be paid fairly for their work
  • The importance of education and business acumen
  • The need to help educate our consumers and retailers on the quality and value of our produce
  • The opportunity of being an ambassador for farming and the YFC
  • The need for compliance with the law regarding march restrictions announced. Visit for information
  • Exemplary behaviour to promote key messages in the best possible way


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