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30 June 2016

The NFYFC’s Agriculture & Rural Issues (AGRI) Steering Group met during the NFYFC’s Council weekend to discuss the impact that Brexit may have on the future of the industry. The Group is calling on all Young Farmers to ask what they would like to see in a potential “British agricultural policy” and help to shape their future.

The Steering Group is now developing ‘young farmer’ agricultural policy points to share with Defra and industry organisations and has a meeting scheduled with the Defra Minister in October. The Group also called upon the rest of NFYFC’s Council to actively consider the Federation’s future membership of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA).

Sam Dilcock, Chairman of the AGRI Steering Group, said: “Like the rest of the UK, our members had varying opinions about the future of Britain within the European Union. But now that we know the result of this referendum, we have an amazing opportunity to make sure that our voice is heard in future policy-making. As a Federation, we must act quickly and do everything we can to secure our place at the negotiating table. If any members have contributions for a potential British agricultural policy, we would strongly urge them to share their views with their AGRI representative or NFYFC.”

All five of NFYFC’s Steering Groups met over the weekend of 25th and 26th June to help shape the future of the federation. For more information about what was discussed over the weekend, click here.

30 June 2016

A Young Farmer from Herefordshire is smiling after being declared the winner of Honda's ‘ATV selfie’ social media competition. Peter Brewer of Welsh Newton YFC is now the proud owner of a new TRX420 FM with electric power steering (EPS) after being announced as the competition winner at the Annual Convention in Blackpool.  

The 25-year-old Young Farmer was one of 6,200 members who attended the 84th Annual Convention on 6-8 May. The social media competition provided an opportunity for Honda to interact and engage with young farmers by getting them to take their best farming selfies using the hashtag ‘#HONDAYF .
“Honda is proud to continue its support and partnership with the National Federation of Young Farmers as the organisations official ATV Safety Ambassador," explained Steve Morris, Head of Honda Power Products. "Our partnership is focused on promoting ATV safety with Young Farmers, by connecting local approved Honda dealers with Young Farmers Clubs across England and Wales.
“Big congratulations to Peter. We hope he will enjoy the new TRX420 FM and find it to be a useful and practical vehicle on the farm."

"I would like to thank Honda for running a competition at the NFYFC Annual Convention," enthused James Eckley, Chief Officer, NFYFC. "It offered YFC members the opportunity to not only to win an ATV but importantly to be trained how to operate the machine properly and safely as the prize included the much respected EASI training course.  We are thrilled that Peter has won the prize and  NFYFC is very proud to be partnered with Honda with ATV safety being at the heart of what we want to achieve together."
Brewer was over the moon to hear he had won the prize. “When I was first told that I had won the competition I was really excited, but yet nervous as I thought someone was having a laugh! We had joked about winning the ATV so much at the Annual Convention it was really unexpected when we did win.
“The new ATV will be very useful on the family farm, and has already been put to good use moving electric fences for the dairy cattle and will also be used for the arable business applying slug pellets and broadcasting cover crops.

“This year’s annual convention was another big success, as well as the usual fun and party atmosphere the level of talent from around the country on show in the competition finals was exceptional!”
Honda partners with EASI, offering a free training course with every new Honda ATV purchased at no extra cost. This initiative will help aid vehicle safety on the farm as this is a huge concern for the NFYFC. According to statistics released by the Health & Safety Executive, the largest number of worker deaths in agriculture is caused by moving vehicles, accounting for nearly a fifth of fatalities over the last five years.

30 June 2016

County Chairmen and Vice Chairmen will once again be given access to vital training at the NFYFC's Chairmen's weekend in November. Newly-elected chairmen and vice-chairmen can embark on the training weekend at Ilam Hall in Derbyshire on 26 and 27 November to improve the skills they need to lead a County.

The weekend, which is sponsored by Rutland Electric Fencing, is a great opportunity to share best practices, develop new skills and support other County Chairmen in their roles.

Last year's event was a huge success for those members who attended: 


The NFYFC would like to thank Rutland Electric Fencing for their sponsorship of the event and their continued support for Young Farmers. For every energiser sold during 2016, £2 goes directly to Young Farmers. Head over to their website for further information.

More information about this year's Chairman's weekend will be available in due course. To book your place, please email Jodie Green, NFYFC's Youth Development Officer.

24 June 2016

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will undoubtedly cause a period of uncertainty about the future of farming and youth development in this country. However, the NFYFC is determined to act quickly to support all of its members who may be affected by this morning’s result.

The NFYFC’s five steering groups, including the Agriculture & Rural Issues (AGRI) steering group, will meet tomorrow (Saturday 25th June) to discuss the result of the EU Referendum. The steering groups will also discuss proposed policy requirements and proposals with all of the NFYFC’s Council representatives.

An AGRI representative will be in attendance at the NFU’s extraordinary Council meeting on 1st July. We have also scheduled meetings with representatives from Defra. We look forward to working with industry stakeholders to build a solid British agricultural policy and with other youth organisations to ensure that the needs of today's young people are not tarnished by this result.

The NFYFC has been delighted to see so many Young Farmers actively participating in this campaign. Members have expressed a wide range of differing opinions about how this vote might affect the future of the country. But now is the time to unite and work together to ensure that our members' voices are heard, so that they can continue to work in a strong and viable industry.


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