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25 October 2016

A new Chairman of the Board of Management and a new date for National Young Farmers’ Week were just some of the changes at NFYFC’s October Council meeting.

Members from across England and Wales met in Coventry to discuss future plans for competitions, Annual Convention, travel and agricultural issues that will all have an impact on clubs and counties.

Among the decisions was the announcement that the competition theme for 2017/18 is Magic and Mystery and that Line Dancing is to be replaced with Disco Dancing.
There will also be a new sheep shearing competition to be held at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Chair of the Competitions Steering Group Oonagh O’Neill also gave some interesting statistics on the competition participation rates of members.  The information showed that three in four YFC members get involved in the competitions programme with the most popular competitions being sport and Tug of War!

In the Events and Marketing Steering Group, members discussed a new look for Ten26, new social media channels they would like to see NFYFC participating in and National Young Farmers’ Week.

Council agreed to move the date of the 2017 National Young Farmers’ Week to commence from Monday 25 September so that it did not coincide with competitions from the 2016-17 year.

Bands and fancy dress themes were also debated for the 2017 Annual Convention, which will all be revealed after the next Council meeting in February.

The group revealed that Farm Animals won the online fancy dress poll for the YFC Ski trip and Council agreed that the 2018 location for YFC Ski would be Val D’Isere in France.

The Personal Development Steering Group, chaired by Mark Hurst, reviewed training and travel and are looking to put a working group together to focus on hosting a European Rally in the next three years.

Chairman of the Youth Forum Amy McWhirter delivered her report at the Council meeting, championing younger members of the organisation and saying that a review is happening about the YFC offer for junior members.

In the Agriculture and Rural Issues Steering Group (AGRI), members discussed the sensitive issue of succession and how they could support members. A video will be made available soon for members.

It was an emotional report from the Chairman of the Board of Management as Frank Chester stepped down from his post after four years serving the Federation. Members presented him with an engraved decanter and a YFC branded milking apron!

Frank said: “It has been an amazing experience being your Board of Management Chairman for the last four years. I have just been a small part of simply the best team. YFC is without doubt the greatest rural youth organisation!”

Vice Chairman Julia Pointon also completed her four year term on the NFYFC Board of management and also received gifts and praise from members.

New Board Chairman Heather Black was appointed during the meeting and said she was looking forward to learning more about Young Farmers’ Clubs. Heather, who lives in Llanegryn, Gwynedd in Wales, has a career working with young people in the countryside through teaching, youth work and as a charity CEO.

NFYFC’s Council meets three times a year to make plans for future activities and to develop NFYFC nationally. Elected representatives from each county of the Federation give their input on behalf of their members to discuss issues as wide ranging as the theme for the fancy dress at Convention to the suggested competitions for the year ahead.

Any major decisions are then voted through (or declined) at a formal Council meeting with all the elected Council representatives.

To find out more about this latest Council meeting read the full report online and to ask your County Office for information if you would like to stand for a future position.


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