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28 October 2016

She’s a bit of a hovercraft fan and wants to learn to drive a tractor... Meet NFYFC’s new Board of Management Chairman Heather Black who has a career working with young people in the countryside through teaching, youth work and as a charity CEO. Heather will be helping steer your Federation to ensure we’re legal , safe and ethically sound. We quizzed Heather on her YFC credentials...

Why did you want to be involved with Young Farmers’ Clubs?
Saw the advert and thought that would be a fun thing to do, I have good memories of working with Young Farmers over the years!

Where do you live and who with?
West coast of Snowdonia (the house with the hovercraft outside!) with my husband (Ewan), Fraggle the dog and a very naughty puppy called Moli who is going through a very adolescent phase!

What’s the most amazing fact you have learnt about YFCs so far?
They discuss the price of tractors at breakfast! Nearly everyone I tell about my new role was a Young Farmer once or has a story to tell. What a great legacy!

What do you hope to bring to the Federation in your role as Chairman of the Board of Management?
Help the organisation to continue to improve its governance structures, support new initiatives from the membership using my knowledge and skills and ensure that Young Farmers are providing a voice for the needs of rural young people in current affairs.

If you could enter any of our YFC competitions, which would it be and why?
Do you have one for hovercraft driving? Floral Art ... I like gardening and using different plants (particularly herbs) and I did get my Brownie flower arranging badge many years ago! I am currently on a competitions committee for Hovercraft racing so I am looking forward to seeing how YFC runs its events...maybe I can pinch some ideas!

Have you been to any of the countries on our YFC Travel programme and if so which country did you like the most?
Been to Australia, Austria, Germany, Scotland, USA and Africa..... Australia it has regular, predictable sunshine when you want it most (GB wintertime)

Is there a farming skill you wish you could learn and why?
To drive a tractor.... I have just learnt to drive my quad this summer so looking for something a bit bigger now!

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know about you
I once was the lead singer of a band called 'Heather and the scone eaters!'


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