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06 December 2016

A major push in November to encourage counties and clubs to register to donate blood helped to boost the NHS’ vital blood supplies in the build up to Christmas.

Devon FYFC and Berkshire FYFC both did group donations as part of the YFC Life Blood campaign and are hoping to be in with a chance of winning the trophy for having the most members registered to give blood.

Devon FYFC, headed up by Chairman Chris Manley, had 12 members donate blood on 17 November at Plymouth Donor Centre and former County Chairman Jake Henson said he gave blood for the first time as it was a brilliant cause.  “I think everyone should consider signing up as it’s quick and easy to do,” said Jake.

Both counties recorded videos in the build up to their donations to challenge other clubs and counties to give group donations.

Berkshire’s impressive video included the seven donors and all of them delivered great facts about why they were giving blood. One of the facts highlighted how 6,000 people are needed a day to meet the current UK demands and one in four people need a blood transfusion in their lifetime.

Individual members have also been donating blood and sharing their images on social media.

@EmmaDavie_12 tweeted:  “I 'did something amazing!' The time of 5 mins 18s it took to donate, will mean so much more to the person who receives it #yfclifeblood.”

NFYFC Chair Chris Manley, who made his third blood donation in November, this time with Devon FYFC, said: “A pint of blood can potentially save three lives and we’re encouraging all members across England and Wales to give blood. We have an official trophy for the county with the most registered donors and I will be giving this to the winners in Torquay at the national AGM.”


Designed by Kevyn Williams