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07 December 2016

Get the most out of your YFC membership and make savings with NFYFC's Christmas Shopping guide.

Got a long list of pressies to purchase and not made a start yet? Never fear, NFYFC is here with some festive ideas to fill your stockings with!

  1. Know a friend or family member who is always losing their keys? Maybe a shiny new key ring will help them keep track of them.. The YFC shop has a  metal SuperMoo version (£2) or you could try the classic YFC welly that comes in a choice of three colours (£1.50) or a squidgy pig, cow or sheep keyring could be more their thing (£1.75 each).
  2. Perhaps you’re buying for someone who loves Massey Ferguson? Save yourself some money in their shop with this brilliant 15% discount for YFC members! 
  3. Looking for some luxury clothing for a close friend? Why not consider a British-made Oswald & Kane shirt? These classic designs are made at the highest quality and the company is owned by Essex FYFC member Jess Roche. You can also get 10% off in their online shop with your YFC member discount.
  4. Need to find the perfect something for a horse-lover in your life?  Save yourself a whopping 25% on equestrian wear from Tottie with your YFC membership discount. 
  5. If your family is a regular reader of Farmers Weekly, why not treat someone to an annual subscription? You can save 50% with your YFC membership discount making it more affordable. 
  6. Buying for a fellow YFC member who might be taking part in some serious meetings next year? You can’t go far wrong with a YFC tie – and they’re only  £10 in the YFC shop or you could invest in some smart YFC cufflinks for £9 – they even come in a presentation gift box. 
  7. If you’re buying for an adventurous type, consider getting tickets to Go Ape. Your membership will get you 10% off in their online shop or there are various deals available for theme parks through Merlin Entertainments or 10% off Absolute Bubble Football. 
  8. There’s a range of fab outdoor clothing and equipment available from Cotswold Outdoor – and you get 10% off with your YFC discount.
  9. You can save 50% off BASC membership with your YFC discount so consider signing up a family member if you know they’d love to be part of this shooting association. Membership includes shooting opportunities, BASC insurance and other exclusive discounts. 
  10. And in case you’re really struggling to buy for a friend, consider the gift that keeps on giving for life – YFC membership!

Don't forget you can purchase YFC Christmas cards in the YFC Shop too - they're £5 for a pack of 12 cards, individual designs by YFC members.

06 December 2016

If you’re looking forward to a jam-packed social calendar over the festive season, make sure your Christmas is one to remember for all the right reasons with our top tips:

  1. If you’re thinking of drinking, plan in advance how you will get home at the end of the night. Book a taxi or organise a lift.
  2. Eat well before you go out. Food will slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol.
  3. Drinking in rounds often means you will drink more. Skip some rounds or opt for a soft drink instead. Don’t try to keep up with friends who drink more than you normally would – remember that’s their choice. 
  4. Be aware that pub measures are very large – you may be drinking more units than you intend to. 
  5. Avoid leaving your drink unattended. 
  6. Tap water is free and available everywhere!
  7. Don’t offer an alcoholic drink to someone who is planning to drive. 
  8. There is no excuse for drink-driving. ‘I’m only going down the road’ will not prevent an accident. A large proportion of crashes occur within three miles of where the journey started. 
  9. Don’t accept a lift from a driver who has been drinking – help them to find alternative arrangements home. 
  10. Be aware of the effects of drinking the morning after. You can still be over the limit to drive the next day. It takes approximately one hour for every unit of alcohol to leave your body. 
  11. Look out for each other and make sure everyone is safe so you all have an enjoyable evening.

Drink Driving – It’s not worth the risk

If you are convicted of drink driving, you could also receive:
•    A minimum 12 month driving ban
•    A criminal record
•    A hefty fine
•    Up to 6 months in prison
•    An endorsement on your licence for 11 years

However, this list does not reflect the everyday consequences of being caught drink driving which can include:
•    Increase in car insurance costs
•    Job loss
•    Trouble getting in to countries like the USA
•    The shame of having a criminal record

For further information visit:

06 December 2016

A major push in November to encourage counties and clubs to register to donate blood helped to boost the NHS’ vital blood supplies in the build up to Christmas.

Devon FYFC and Berkshire FYFC both did group donations as part of the YFC Life Blood campaign and are hoping to be in with a chance of winning the trophy for having the most members registered to give blood.

Devon FYFC, headed up by Chairman Chris Manley, had 12 members donate blood on 17 November at Plymouth Donor Centre and former County Chairman Jake Henson said he gave blood for the first time as it was a brilliant cause.  “I think everyone should consider signing up as it’s quick and easy to do,” said Jake.

Both counties recorded videos in the build up to their donations to challenge other clubs and counties to give group donations.

Berkshire’s impressive video included the seven donors and all of them delivered great facts about why they were giving blood. One of the facts highlighted how 6,000 people are needed a day to meet the current UK demands and one in four people need a blood transfusion in their lifetime.

Individual members have also been donating blood and sharing their images on social media.

@EmmaDavie_12 tweeted:  “I 'did something amazing!' The time of 5 mins 18s it took to donate, will mean so much more to the person who receives it #yfclifeblood.”

NFYFC Chair Chris Manley, who made his third blood donation in November, this time with Devon FYFC, said: “A pint of blood can potentially save three lives and we’re encouraging all members across England and Wales to give blood. We have an official trophy for the county with the most registered donors and I will be giving this to the winners in Torquay at the national AGM.”

02 December 2016

A chance to experience farming life in another country has just been made possible for 50 people who applied for a trip on NFYFC’s YFC Travel programme.

The trips, which range from working on a sheep and dairy farm for three months in New Zealand to staying with host families in Austria, are exclusive opportunities for YFC members.

Many are part or wholly funded by scholarships and in most cases the only cost is the member’s travel expenses.

More than 70 people applied for a YFC Travel place in 2017 and interviews took place at the weekend over Skype with a panel of judges who awarded the locations to successful applicants.

Representatives from the Young Farmers’ Ambassadors (YFA), NFU and members made up the various panels for the trips, with Projects Abroad, Africa’s Gift and the C Alma Baker Trust interviewing for their specific trips to Argentina, Africa and New Zealand respectively.

New Zealand proved to be a popular location again this year, with applicants facing a shortlist before Selection Day. Next year will be the 30th anniversary of this special trip for YFC members and over the years NFYFC has sent 120 members to stay on Limestone Downs Farm.

Trustees of the C Alma Baker Trust said the standard of applicants had been ‘outstanding’ this year, which made it a tough job choosing just four members from the shortlist.
Elizabeth Hole from Dorset FYFC, Patrick Pearson from Carmarthenshire FYFC, Geraint Owen Morris from Montgomery FYFC and Jessica Davies from Shropshire FYFC will each spend three months working on the farm in New Zealand next year.

After finding out she had earned a place, Jessica Davies tweeted: “Ahhhhhh can't believe I am off to work in NZ on an incredible beef sheep and dairy farm ¬¬– thank you so much.”

The YFA awarded scholarships to four members, which means they will each receive £100 towards their trip. The scholars are Alistair Hughes from Leicestershire FYFC who will travel to Norway, George Lewis from Gwent FYFC who will travel to Australia. Laura Potts from Cumbria FYFC who will travel to Canada (4H) and Angharad Edwards from Pembrokeshire FYFC who will travel to Northern Ireland. 

Charlotte Middlebrook from Yorkshire FYFC received an NFU scholarship, which gave her £600 towards her trip to Canada (4H).

Scholarships are selected by each panel and given to the most outstanding interview that was made during their interview session.

While all the interviews were conducted informally, panellists looked for members who showed commitment to YFC, had researched the location and could explain why they wanted to visit it, and whether they would make a good ambassador for NFYFC.

Congratulations to everyone who applied and earned their place on a trip in 2017!

If you’re feeling like you missed out on and have suddenly got the travel bug, there are still four spaces available on the Argentina trip. For more information, visit the travel page.

To see a full overview of who is going where, see the results below:


 Australia George Lewis (Gwent)
 AustriaRebecca Smith (Pembrokeshire)
Helen Rowland (Warwickshire)
 Canada JFAO
 Emily Warin (East Riding of Yorkshire)
 Canada 4H
Charlotte Middlebrook (Yorkshire)
Laura Potts (Cumbria)
 GermanyHannah Gregory-Campeau (Derbyshire)
Laura Parker (Cumbria)
 NorwayAlistair Hughes (Leicestershire)
 Northern Ireland

Angharad Edwards (Pembrokeshire),
Rachel Goldie (Yorkshire)

Joanna Ridley (Cumbria)
Lauren Hladun (Lincolnshire)
Elin Havard (Brecknock)
 USAPoppy Stephens (Gloucestershire)
Emily Cartmail (Staffordshire)
 RYE Spring Seminar, Budapest      
 RYE Autumn Seminar, Austria  
 Rhian Watkins (Herefordshire)
Jess Bason (Shropshire)
 RYE European Rally, Latvia   
Daniel Grist (Devon)
Jana Middlebrook (Shropshire)
Victoria Ward (Shropshire)
William Allen (Shropshire)

 Africa’s Gift     
 Kate Turnock (Derbyshire)
 Laura Poole (Derbyshire)
 James Gregory – Campeau (Derbyshire)
 Georgina Hyde (Worcestershire)
 Alice Hyland (Yorkshire)
 Alice Singleton (Lancashire)
 Rose Pinsent (Leicestershire)
 Emily Phillips (Staffordshire)
 Emma Littlewood (Cumbria)
 Emma  Faulkner (Shropshire)
 Chloe Harris (Herefordshire)
 Kate Palmer (Devon)
 Argentina James Grant (Norfolk)
 Catherine Johnson (Staffordshire)
 Rhianwen Jones (Brecknock)
 Holly Garrod (Norfolk)
 Holly Gilbert (Devon)
 Rebecca Latter (Shropshire)
 Four spaces still available.
 (April)  Elizabeth Hole (Dorset)
 (July)   Patrick Pearson (Carmarthenshire)
 (October) Geraint Owen Morris (Montgomery)
(Jan’18) Jess Davies (Shropshire)


01 December 2016

There was no sibling rivalry going on when sister and brother Fay and Lee Thomas were part of the winning Stockjudging team at this year’s English Winter Fair.

The duo worked together as part of the Herefordshire A team and took home the John Speers Trophy for being the Best Overall Team along with team mates John Hanson and Megan Watkins.

Fay and Thomas are both part of Eardisley YFC and have been members for 10 and six years respectively and Fay is currently Herefordshire’s County Chairman. They put their achievements in Stockjudging down to being an active part of their family farm.

Fay said: “We live on and have been brought up on a family farm in Kinnersley, Herefordshire, with suckler limousin herd and flock of ewes.

“We have both been involved, along with our sister Amy, in day-to-day decisions on what stock to keep and breed from. Picking the stock is always a family effort, thanks to all the skills we have learnt from YFC stockjudging, and transferred into our work.”

It was a proud Thomas family moment when they picked up the trophy but Fay said you don’t have to be from an agricultural background to compete in a YFC Stockjudging competition.

“I would advise anyone to take part and have a go,” said Fay. “Even if you do not have an agricultural background, it is possible to learn, and hopefully gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the UK food industry in doing so.”


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