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08 February 2017

A Tribute to Sid Perry by Somerset YFC

Sid Perry sadly passed away on Tuesday 31st January 2017.  Sid was a staunch supporter of young farmers in the South West and gave a lot of encouragement to every member he met.  His passion was public speaking and he became a renowned trainer.

Sid was a former member of Wincanton YFC.  The club founded on 27th March 1937 with Sid attending a meeting two weeks later.  In 1946 Sid went on to become club Chairman and a few years later club Leader.  He held this role for seven years, during which time he married his wife Julie.  Their daughter Louise was born four years later.  When the club celebrated their 60th Anniversary Dinner & Dance in 1997, the organising committee presented Sid with a ‘This is your Life’ tribute. 

It was during the 62nd Somerset YFC Federation AGM, on November 15th, 1995 at Hinckley Point social club Huntworth where Miss Jane Burt (Wincanton YFC) proposed that Mr Sid Perry was invited to become a Vice President of Somerset YFC seconded by Rachel Nation.  In 1997/98 Sid became Dorset YFC County President.  It was often joked, that Sid used this year as a practice run before he became Somerset YFC County President the following year 1998/99. It was 1999 when Sid lost his wife Julie age 64 years.

South West Area Young Farmers recruited Sid as Area President for the years 2008/09 and 2009/10 where he made his mark attending the competitions, meetings and socials giving help and advice to his Chairman Ed Akerman and Nicola Chegwidden.

Sid’s National Young Farmers involvement came in 2007 on 29th April in Torquay.  He was proposed by Katherine Sealy (Dorset YFC) and seconded by James Sage (Somerset YFC) to become a Life Vice President. Every year thereafter, Sid and his companion Peggy would attend the Annual convention…often travelling with either the Somerset or Dorset YFC member’s coaches.  Sid was often the first one to get the singing started, although in later years he used to turn his hearing aid off (not admitting this to the members).   It is only these past five years that Sid did not make this pilgrimage to the AGM.

If Somerset YFC ever needed at hand at the Bath & West we knew to call on him at the Farm Health & Safety stall.  He was always there and members used to enjoy popping in to see him. Sid also enjoyed his association with Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC and was heavily involved with Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show.

There were not many members in Wincanton YFC that Sid hadn’t trained to public speak over the years and even after he retired from this, he would still pop down notes of advice or snippets for speeches that members could use. Sid was a legend and a true gentleman held in high regard by all.

We will remember Sid very fondly and send our condolences to his family and friends.


Posted on Wessex FM 05 Feb 2017

Farmers in Dorset are mourning the death of Sid Perry who sadly passed away this week after serving more than 75 years in the Young Farmers Club.

Sid approached the organisation for help in getting into college to study grassland management, between 1951 and 1952, after his schooling ended early.

He later became Chairman and President of Wincanton YFC, President of Gillingham and Shafesbury YFC, President of both Dorset and Somerset Young Farmers' Clubs and also President of the South West Federation of YFC.

Asked why he continued well into retirement age to contribute so much time and effort, he said: "I honestly think that in my younger days they did so much for me so I feel I'm just giving back what they gave me. Young Farmer members care for each other and I have met some wonderful people over the years and that's what's makes it so special."

The club's former National Chairman Nick Sansom says he will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

In an emotional post on Facebook, Nick said: "Even at the age of 75 Sid was still clocking up more than 12,000 miles a year on YFC duties and was frequently asked to give talks to farm women's clubs, Rotary, Round Table, Wis and other charitable societies including raising money for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Society."

"Sid was passionate about public speaking and regularly trained members for Dorset, and Somerset as well as having a passion for driving and used to run a driving autotest challenge at Dorset County Rallys alongside life-long friend Dick Pike which always created great amusement."


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